Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Ready for change?

One of the philosophies that Acmeology is based on is that our modern times call for a mindset change. We just cannot keep doing the same old things and expect different results to come around somehow. Times have changed, and we need to keep up with the times – or we will fall way behind. WAY behind. History has many examples of this, and history repeats itself.

New is well forgotten old.

Although such terms as “survival” (especially “of the fittest”), “extinction” and the like (that are used to describe the need, and oftentimes demand, to move to a new level of development) are commonly used in the theory of evolution, I’d like to invite you to your first mindset change here.

There is clearly not enough scientific data to effectively support the premise that humans evolved from some other species (primates, etc.). There just isn’t.  Darwin himself admitted to that, thus presenting his premise as a “theory” – by Webster’s definition, “an UNPROVEN supposition intended to explain something based on the principals OUTSIDE of the things to be explained”.

However, the facts of adaptation and survival are definitely part of reality. We and everything around us constantly adapts to the environment as it changes. And those who adapt better usually win. When the going gets tough, only the strong survive. Again, this IS reality.

But does this “adaptation” mean inventing new, often overthought ways of “improving” on what we have? Are our minds even capable of coming up with revolutionary findings that are dead-on right out of the box ON A REGULAR BASIS?

Let’s look at history. What happens every time humankind starts to “improve on” the environment? Usually, destroyed eco-systems – and a disaster. What happened when we came up with new technologies at the dawn of the industrial revolution? Pollution. Exhaustion of natural resources. Endangered species.

Maybe our next step should be to remember that Nature, as the original creation, is perfect. And this is where we should turn for the answers.

Looking at history again, what happened when people forgot to “read the instructions” given alongside of this original creation? What happened to the entire nations that turned away from the originally defined principals? Extinction. Here is this word again.

Could it be that now, after we have explored the depth of evil and the overall capabilities of the human intellect, it is the time to align our knowledge with the original “manufacturer’s instructions” that apply to how this world is made? Could this be our next step of development?

Interestingly enough (but not surprisingly) when principals that are in unison with old legacies are applied, good things happen.

Like, it works.

Let’s adapt to the demands of the modern day and age by banishing fear to look back at history, at the knowledge that has been accumulated for centuries in the legacies of other cultures, by stopping to blindly bowing the to gods of “new science” and “breakthrough technology”  and look at practical reality of what actually works and makes sense.

Heal. Restore. Discover Your Self. Then, thrive.

These are the fundamental principals of our mission.

Simply put. But what do they look like when it comes to practical reality?

Let’s start with a reality check:


It is no secret for anybody that modern lifestyle lays incredible demands upon us. Only about 50 years ago, no one (no matter how high an executive they may have been) was expected to be available on a second’s notice pretty much 24-7, to answer as many messages as an average office guy does today, or to make the 100s of decisions a day (even if they are as small as saying yes or no to a new update notification, that pops up as soon as you’re ready to start working on an important report). No one was bombarded with constant emails, questions and offers –coming from 3 different devices—on top of their daily tasks. To do any kind of research, you would need to set aside a couple of hours and go to the library – and everyone knew that: no one would expect you to do the needed research before 4 pm today, while also responding to the 250 above mentioned inquiries and attending 2 zoom meetings. Customers would normally walk in and stand in line – not message you question marks, while you are on the phone resolving another customer’s issue… which resulted from you forgetting about her earlier message because you got a random notification as you were opening your browser to check on her order, got side tracked with it--and after that, her inquiry showed as having been opened and checked, and you did not have anything to trigger your mind and remind you of the unfinished job.

You get the picture. But what the heck do you do about this, right???

Luckily, we do not have to say, with that pitiful and sad expression on our faces (as many “guru analysts” out there do, unfortunately) that, oh well – technology and life have developed fast, and evolution has not caught up with it yet. We are faced with a challenge that we cannot control…We feel overwhelmed because we simply have too much on our plate.  

Bullshit. Pardon my expression, but – bullshit.

We DO have full control in this situation. We have the means and the abilities to make this “evolution” to get its butt in gear and take place. In other words, we have everything that it takes to “quickly evolve” and catch up with today’s demands – and become super-human, in yesterday’s eyes.

The issue here is not in NOT HAVING enough potential within us to keep up with the modern pace. The issue is in NOT USING it.

In fact, I feel we don’t have any other choice: we have created a monster by making our present life what it is, and if we do not also learn to tame it, the natural selection will take care of things its own way, which will not necessarily be in our favor.

Please read the above again. This is very important – and scary, once you think about it.

I feel it is absolutely IMPERATIVE for us, humans, to start paying attention to our everyday performance and take it seriously.

But now, let me add insult to injury

Or, maybe I should say: injury to insult. Not only are we a bit “slow” for the present day’s pace and behind the needed evolution as it is, we also hurting ourselves in this battle and have other factors slowing us down even further. In other words, we are not simply having hard time keeping up, we are also being actively pushed back. Double whammy.

What happens if you try to run a race for which you are not prepared and physically fit? You get out of breath and start feeling exhausted: you start feeling sick.

What happens when you try to run a mental race of the above described “present day challenges”, for which you are not prepared and psychologically fit? Same thing.

By letting modern progress put itself ahead of us, we have put ourselves in a disadvantaged position of where we are not just falling behind: we are facing challenges that are starting to affect us on all other levels of our lives, further slowing down our ability to “beat the race”. Mental exhaustion is one of the top trending topics on Google. A new survey, from FlexJobs and Mental Health America (MHA) taken late last month reported that 75% of workers have experienced burnout. These are very alarming numbers, my friends. Here is more of the recent statistical data published by the American Mental Health association:

  1. In the United States, almost half of adults (46.4 Percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.
  2. 5 percent of Adults (18 or older) experience a mental illness in any one year, equivalent to 43.8 million people.
  3. Of Adults in the United States with any mental disorder in a one-year period, 14.4 percent have one disorder, 5.8 percent have two disorders and 6 percent have three or more.
  4. Half of all mental disorders begin by age 14 and three- quarters by age 24.
  5. In the United States, only 41 percent of the people who had a mental disorder in the past year received professional health care or other services.

Are they trying to say that half of us are nuts? Or that every other person you encounter actually DOES have a problem? Jokes aside, something needs to be done about this: are we paying attention? 75% means that only one person out of every 4 did not have a problem. People without problems are becoming a minority.

Thus, the challenge of achieving control in this situation through gaining mental clarity and developing approaches that can help us thrive in today’s environment in spite of its demands is even more vital. Continuing with the evolution analogy approach, let’s recall the concept of natural selection: those that are not keeping up, are destined to get weaker and weaker. Remember where that road leads? Extinction.

(Parenthetically, the subject of evolution is certainly a controversial issue, and I must admit I see way too many inconsistencies in that theory to accept it as a whole. However, the part that claims that only the strong survive when circumstances become adverse and challenging is a true, common sense observation. THAT part is kind of beyond argument – it’s hard to argue with common sense)

The Good News

The good news is, however, that evolving out of this predicament is both possible and very much needed.

Consider the following:

A science confirmed fact: most of us (99.99% or so – I am just trying to avoid the politically incorrect words of all, never and always) – most of us only use only a fraction of our human potential: about 2%-15% of it. Some more, some less, of course -- but imagine what you could accomplish and achieve if you were to activate the remaining 85% of your accomplishment power? Suddenly, “too much on your plate” would turn to nothing but just crumbs.

Yes, we are dealing with a lot in our day and age. But none of what is happening today in terms of technology, fast pace and other environmental changes was unexpected, from the standpoint of how we are made. 85% of untapped potential? Someone knew. God, Nature, Cosmic Providence – your choice. But somehow even this technologically and psychologically complex stage of human development has been accounted for, just like the ones that had passed before, starting with the stone age and throughout the rest of history. Super-human productivity that is now needed is achievable, and you can make it YOUR reality. You just got to put your mind to it.

And better yet news: Achievement Psychologists have been busy researching this over the last few decades. Now, we have an emerging science of Acmeology that deals with exactly how to step up to the plate and take on today’s challenges: increase brain power and speed, sharpen responses, become tougher when faced with adverse circumstances or any other kinds of obstacles and opposition, and so forth.

So, yes – professionals are actively working to research and solve this problem. However, there is a matter of individual responsibility here as well: unless you (and I do not mean you personally – just using the pronoun in its “collective” sense) – unless you realize the importance of getting out of the problems rut, unless you refuse to keep accepting feeling overwhelmed, constantly falling behind, being stressed, depressed and “anxiety-ed out” as “the new normal”, no research in the world is going to do you any good.

But for those of us who are willing to put up a fight to the dictatorship of today’s trending issues, the weapons are indeed ready.


  1. The legacy of human civilization, currently represented as “Natural Approaches” should not be discarded.

Science is a great and reliable tool. However, the value of science is in the legacy that it builds upon, and in the knowledge and experiences that it passes down. We need to approach "new science" that tries to reinvent the wheel and, like a teenager, claims that it knows everything AND “the old-fashioned” approaches need to be opposed, replaced and done away with… this kind of “science” needs to be approached with caution.

  1. Outward tools are great, but the tools that lie within are sometimes even greater. And if you put both sets of tools together, you will get even better results.

Why do we wear ourselves out chasing high-tech new tools, while 85% of our own potential within us lies dormant? The best tools add to the inward potential, as opposed to ignoring or negating it.

  1. Discover and nurture your true self – this is where your  God-given power lies

The right science (or approach) will never put down, let alone negate your true self. In order to meet the challenges of the new times we need to discover and nourish the original creation within us.

Instead of trying to solve problems by constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, we need to rediscover ourselves and our original purpose, and then battle the hostile elements that try to prevent us from nurturing this amazing true self.

This means…

  1. Have a warrior mindset as opposed to victim mentality of learned helplessness.

But how do you discover your true purpose? It lies in creation, and creation lies in nature and the supreme intelligence that has equipped us and nature around us to maintain mind, body and spirit harmony. This is an internal call to help ourselves and others, the awareness of how we were supposed to get healed  and thrive since the beginning of times.

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