This new development in science may be the biggest breakthrough in history - but no one seems to notice.

This new development in science may be the biggest breakthrough in history - but no one seems to notice.

After I’ve discovered the missing link between the teachings of Christianity and the science of Psychology, things started happening: the problems that routinely seemed to have no solution started to dissipate in favor of impressive results. 


When I first started to study psychology, it felt like I always had to fudge one way or the other: treat what the professor was saying with a grain of salt, find reasons to consider some Christian concepts obsolete, when I could. That didn’t feel very good to me. You know that a servant of two masters is not someone we would consider a self-fulfilled winner. You don’t really achieve your goals. 

I literally felt like a servant of two masters: a hypocrite and a loser. Plus, consider the intellectual struggle: if both science and faith each claim that they are here to reveal the truth and then they contradict… then one must be lying, right? But which one? 


I came to my first Bioenergetics class, and I saw this! Chakras?? What do you think my first reaction is? Voodoo is at its finest! Straight out of Zen Buddhism – NOT for me! 

Long story short, I’m glad I didn’t drop this class. Because this is where I found the missing link that connected the two concepts. And suddenly there was no contradiction.  

The answer was simply digging deep enough into each. 

I have come to realize that a faithful steward of his masters' goods IS IN FULL CONTROL of that estate–and he better not bury any talents in the earth.... -ly noise. 

I have also come to realize that if you want to present a living sacrifice, which is choice of the flock and WITHOUT BLEMISH, you must first value that sacrifice enough to give it all the attention to really be the best of the best. If you look at yourself with disgust... is this your carefully selected offering?  

And I’ve learned that our energy blueprint is as much a part of creation as any other part of our body (Look, we’ve been measuring the currents and fluctuations of our biological energy with EKG and EEG for years now!)
Just because Eastern religions happened to be familiar with the concept before it reached the Western hemisphere, doesn’t make it THEIRS. We can leave the over spiritualization of the concept to them–we won’t need it anyway. There are now enough science-based studies to demystify the whole thing. 


This union of science and what the scriptures have been telling us for years now has brought answers to many questions that we, as a society, have been struggling with and which we have often been writing off as “questions that have no solutions” 

I also have my list of victories: Saving my marriage that everyone was advising me to leave in a hopeless and potentially destructive way. 

Pulling a friend to get unstuck and get out of sheer poverty (a welfare check and no job insight) to make a comfortable living.  

Helping my husband pull out of clinical depression after this doctor told us that he will have to stay on his medication for it for the rest of his life (he’s been off it for the last 15 "years) Just to scratch the surface–the list goes on. 

The list includes such “smaller things” as realizing what’s been holding you back from whatever goal you’ve been contemplating, finally connecting the dots in whatever concept you’ve been struggling with, understanding what you need to do and why what you’ve tried hasn’t worked yet...  

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