Marcia was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She felt devalued, unappreciated and overwhelmed – and could not see a way for things to change in the near future. Marcia was a stay-at-home mom, married to a demanding man who didn't seem to understand – or care – what she was going through. 


Like many stay-at-home moms, Marcia carried the world on her shoulders… or at least she certainly felt that way. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, doing all the little things that kept a household running smoothly and happily: all of it fell on Marcia. Not only did her husband leave all these things up to her, but he constantly overlooked and even criticized her efforts as well. Coming home from work, he would complain about a messy house, sarcastically asking her what she did all day. Every time the kids fought and got rowdy, he would frustratingly tell her to do something about it, not-so-subtly insinuating that she wasn’t disciplining them correctly. 

The weight of her circumstances started to become unbearable – Marcia was exhausted, both physically and otherwise. On top of being burnt out, she also struggled with feelings of inadequacy and being unappreciated. 


Desperate for something – anything – to change, Marcia signed up with us in a discussion group to deal with mom’s guilt. At that point, she was convinced that this was the main problem she had to overcome – nothing at all to do with her husband and marriage. 

Guided by her coach and surrounded by women who shared similar struggles, Marcia began to peel back the layers. Only then did she begin to rethink what it really was that she was struggling with. She slowly came to the realization that the issue ran so much deeper than mere guilt: she was not using her female energy and potential at all – in fact she was suppressing it. 

Convinced that self-sacrifice and service was her potential, she lived life as a people-pleaser, doing everything she could to live up to a certain standard. In mistaking this for her true calling, she had allowed the demands of others to overshadow how she felt and who she was. 

With newfound clarity, Marcia continued her journey of self-discovery with us, determined to reclaim her sense of identity and rediscover her purpose. With the help of her coach, she learned to listen to her inner voice in order to unlock her true calling and potential as a woman, and yes, as a mother and wife. 


Confronting her fears, learning (and unlearning) what she needed to, and taking some impactful steps in the right direction, Marcia began noticing a huge shift in her life. As she began to reconnect with her feminine energy, her husband seemed to undergo a transformation of his own. Within two weeks, Marcia surprisedly asked the group: “Does this really work this fast or is this a coincidence?" I can't recognize my husband: he came home from work today, gave me a kiss, and told me he loved me. He hasn't done it for years, maybe even since we've got married!”.  

It certainly wasn’t a coincidence, and things only kept changing for the better for Marcia.  

Her husband started to respect her more, help out around the house, and get more involved with the kids, whom he could barely believe had also become calmer, happier, and more well-behaved as well.  

Most importantly, Marcia went from being an overwhelmed, stressed, and frazzled shell of herself to a calm, collected, sharp woman who was fun to be around. “This is how I remember myself as a teenager!” she shared. 

The change did not go unnoticed. In a heartfelt thank-you note to our coaches, Marcia’s husband wrote: “This is the woman I fell in love with.” 

By reconnecting with herself and embracing her feminine energy, Marcia not only transformed her own life but healed the wounds of her relationship and family as well. Indeed, when you discover your authentic self and unleash your true potential, everybody wins! 

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