Un-FUG your life - a Holistic Approach to Focus, Health and Vitality

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FUG is a toxic FOG that has been slowly trying to take over our lives. It's time to fight back.

You many feel the FUG around you when you are trying to advance in your carrier or start a business -- or simply concentrate on everyday home tasks.  You run into it when you're trying to select a diet that works.  Or, on the way from your doctor's office. Or, trying to make sense of your current relationship. It is literally everywhere.

And since our common, mainstream approaches (as in everything we have been doing so far) is what has gotten us into the FUG, I submit that it is time to try something new.  The Holistic lifestyle has the answer -- and you'll be surprised how well it works.

And what's more -- I teach the "normal" Holistic solutions: not an Eastern religion, not a "granola bar and Tiger milk" diet, and I am not going to ask you to drastically change your lifestyle, tastes, or schedule. I will simply help you find a solution that WORKS -- for you. ITS THAT SIMPLE. 

"Holistic Approach", of course, covers many areas: and this is not a coincidence, but -- in fact -- part of the method.  Remember how the way we live changed drastically once the Internet was invented? Antibiotics prior to that. Internal combustion engine, Heck, the wheel.  The point here is that the system, the philosophy, if you would, the APPROACH is something that oftentimes holds key answers -- not just a single tool. But more on this in the program. Here is what you need to know now:

  • This is a live coaching program designed to help you learn more about the issue of your choice -- and SOLVE it. 
  • HOWEVER in order to accommodate our different schedules, time zones, commitments and levels of social needs: recording will always be available, and questions can be submitted in advance (they will be answered!)
  • You will become a member of a private social group, and depending on your collective choice of subject (or subjects) I (or one of my colleagues or assistants) will walk you through the steps towards your goal (we will make a plan of action and a "curriculum" first - and then work together to get you AMAZING results. You will receive posts, videos, tests, mind maps... and homework. We will also meet live via Zoom or similar technology, so that you could ask your questions and share your experience)



    • Regain focus, control and get things done
    • Significantly improve productivity
    • Achieve your weight loss and fitness results (finally! -- and permanently)
    • Turn back the clock with successful anti aging approaches
    • Fix the seemingly doomed relationships

                       ... to name just a few

For those of you who did not read the whole thing -- you select just one main area from the list above when you sign up. The rest you can add later, at no charge.


When you sign up, you will be offered a questionnaire, where you will be able to indicate which area(s) interest you most. (Many of you are coming to this description from an article or a blog post -- rest assured that we will continue that discussion live, just make sure to note this in the questionnaire) However, please feel free to check all interests that that apply -- I will read your answers and use them to form the interest groups at the end of the week. 


And starting Monday,

Let's declare the war on FUG! 

We shall be victorious!


I am a Certified Holistic Practitioner, and I created this program to help people that I work with double or triple their results. I am a very practical person -- it's not about the process for me, it's about getting the result that you want. However, I quickly discovered that without understanding of the process, without doing things correctly, the results are often compromised, This is why I invite you to go through this coaching program.


In this program, you will:

(The areas may vary depending on your initial choice of subject, but you can always change or continue to the new areas -- no extra charge ever)

- Discover the potential you never knew you had

- Learn to turn what you thought were your weaknesses into your best strengths

Learn how to successfully battle and overcome things that are messing up your life, holding you back, or compromising your results.

Discover approaches that work

- Receive the tools you need to battle physical and emotional illness with a lot higher success than before

Overcome such issues as insomnia, anxiety, excessive weight, and other minor to medium health conditions

Learn how it all works, and why and how your weight, your beauty (be it anti aging efforts or teenage acne) and your energy levels are connected,

- Learn how to Evaluate any method or remedy that you read or hear about and know if it is a crock of BS or something that deserves your attention

Understand why "natural" approaches work or fail -- and be able to make a pretty sure call on whether or not any given approach or product would work for you

- Know how to get the health, beauty, fitness and even relationships results that you want -- and get better results faster

Start feeling good. Period, actually. Yes, this includes overcoming aches and pains, improving health, overcoming anxiety, guilt, or depression, looking better, losing weight. But all these details flow into one big thing: feeling good. Feeling free. Confident. HAPPY.

Discover your true self... and discover HOW GOOD IT FEELS to discover your true self, un-fuck your life (for those in whose case it is necessary), and be in control.

All the conflicting information will fall into a clear sequence, and everything will come together like a giant puzzle. Holistic will make perfect sense (yes, this IS a promise that I can stand behind)

It will all make sense. It will feel good. And it will be your ultimate self-improvement.

With the benefit of small groups this is your way to receive PERSONAL, CUSTOMIZED COACHING RESULTS for a fraction of the going price



  • Customized work-through plan, with topics selected specifically for you: your level of knowledge of Holistic approaches AND specific related interests (see HOW IT WORKS for more details)
  • Learning materials (ebooks, mind maps, videos, recorded lectures and webinars), with milestones that match YOUR objectives and goals (shared 2x /week based on the work plan that will be created for each group individually, based on your input)
  • Live instructor-lead lectures, with the opportunity to ask questions (recording will be available and questions can be submitted in advance)
  • A Social Group of fellow students to share and discuss thoughts, questions, and ideas
  • Access to additional reading and training
  • Access to other programs at a discounted price
  • Member - only products discounts
  • Access to assessments and personal coaching at huge discounts


  • After you sign up for this program, you will be taken to the member page. Besides more detailed instructions, that page will contain:  

    -       A Holistic Assessment designed to familiarize you a little better with the program, and to help us get to know you better. You will be able to share what burning questions you may have about Holistic approach and express your immediate goals and expectations..
              Based on this quiz, you will be invited to a social group that best suits your needs and your level of familiarity with Holistic approach. (For example, those of you who are interested in anti aging will be in one group, those who are looking to lose weight or improve relationships -- in another, etc.) Groups launch every Monday and depending how niche your needs are, you may be added to a brand new group or added to an existing one. However, we make sure to two things:
                       - groups are kept small, so that everyone's needs and questions can be addressed
                       - if you are added to an existing group, it will not be more than 2 weeks old, so that you can easily catch up with the flow of the materials

    An introductory e-book that will give you an overview on Holistic lifestyle. Please read it first.
    -        Instructions on how to use the portal app
    -        A link to where you can enter your questions for the instructors (they will be answered in the next live lecture)
    -        Access to direct chat with the instructors
     (if you feel your question is urgent and cannot wait till the next live lecture, have not been covered enough, etc.) An extra small fee applies to this chat.

Once you are on the membership page:

  • Read the more detailed instructions on how to use the app that we are going to use for this program and do your first round of homework: download the app and get familiar with it
  • Take the quiz: the results will determine your group placement
  • Download the Holistic Lifestyle ebook and read it


ALL GROUPS LAUNCH ON MONDAYS. So, next Monday (whatever if may be, counting from the day that you sign up) you will receive a Group Invite by email.
Simply click that link, 
and if you have downloaded the app, you will be taken straight to the program (no app required if you are using desktop)

The only thing left, is to decide how often do you want to have live Zoom (or similar technology) meetings (as opposed to posts of information based on our game plan, and in addition to the group discussion that you can have with other members) and click Join us below:

Live meeting frequency:and corresponding charge:
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