UnFUG Your Life - a Holistic Approach to Success, Focus, and Productivity

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In about 6 weeks you will emerge a more together, better organized, happier person with a clear vision of your goals -- and a roadmap for how to reach them.


General life fitness:

  • Building confidence, self-esteem and resilience when confronted with challenging issues
  • Understanding why things happen and how to prevent negative events and "summon" the positive ones
  • De-mystifying bad luck

Self- organization:

  • Defining your goals, finding the right calling, becoming more productive, managing time to accomplish a lot more, etc.
  • Time management and productivity
  • Figuring out your life's direction and making sense out of it
  • Defining your true calling

Emotional healing:

  • Dealing with stress

  • Dealing with emotional trauma (both recent and childhood)

  • Solving problems stemming from bad relationships or difficult parents

  • Overcoming anxiety and depression


  • Solving problems in relationships

  • Building favorable relationships and attracting the right people into your life

  • Overcoming abuse without breaking the relationship (if this is what you want to do)

  • Saving your marriage or relationship

  • Preventing verbal abuse in any relationship

  • Dealing with infidelity and affair -- stopping it and keeping the partner all to yourself (if this is your choice)

  • Becoming a person "the best of them" are attracted to


Yes, all these things are connected, believe it or not. But yes, I understand: there is a lot here -- and the immediate needs vary. This is why I create very small groups, designed to address YOUR needs.  This is indeed an individual, customized approach -- presented in an affordable form of Social Learning groups, with weekly live sessions.


Here is what you will get:

  • State of the Art information shared daily: how our minds work, how they can be manipulated and how to protect yourself, productivity--time management--success tools, people skills... and other things that you will need in order to utilize your inner potential to the fullest and reach peaks of achievement and performance
  • Weekly LIVE sessions with the coach. (Ever wished you could ask all those gurus your direct questions? You've got it here)
  • Mind and Psychological tests for self-assessment, self-discovery, and better understanding of possible issues and/or roadblocks. (All the tests that you see on this site are included FREE OF CHARGE in this program)

Unique part of this program: instead of giving you a random mix of tips and tricks (most of which you usually already know, in those cases), we are going to take a very defined,  warrior mindset approach of helping you create a system for uncovering and putting to work your inner potential and eliminating the hostile elements that stand in the way.  

What are those hostile elements? - you may ask.



FUG is a toxic FOG that has been slowly trying to take over our lives. It's time to fight back!

After about 6 weeks, you will emerge armed and fit to take it on!

What this means:

  • You will understand the (sometimes) hidden obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals and moving forward with your plans
  • Learn to schedule and manage your time in order to accomplish -- on average 6-10 times more that what you usually do (A requirement for a 4-hour work week goal)
  • Gain insight on how to successfully manage even the most difficult relationships (both in your personal and professional life) and come out a winner
  • Learn how to spot gimmicks 99.99% of the time and avoid being manipulated
  • Eliminate frustration from what you do
  • Apply the Science of Success to your life's situations, resolve uncertainties and move forward as an assertive person who's got it all together
  • Resolve stress and anxiety issues or challenges
  • Learn how to achieve basically anything that you purpose to achieve

...And much more!

You many feel the FUG around you when you are trying to advance in your carrier or start a business -- or simply concentrate on everyday home tasks.  You run into it when you're trying to select a diet that works.  Or, on the way from your doctor's office. Or, trying to make sense of your current relationship. It is literally everywhere.

And since our common approaches (as in everything we have been doing so far) have not been very helpful, I submit that it is time to try something new.  

  • This is a live coaching program designed to help you learn more about the issue of your choice -- and SOLVE it. 
  • You will become a member of a private social group, and I will walk you through the steps towards your goal (we will make a plan of action and then work together to get you AMAZING results)


    • Regain focus, control, and motivation -- and get things done
    • Significantly improve productivity
    • Achieve your health, weight loss and fitness results (finally! -- and permanently)
    • Turn back the clock with successful anti aging approaches
    • Fix the seemingly doomed relationships

                       ... to name just a few


When you sign up, you will be offered a test to help you start on the journey of self-discovery -- and to help me put together SMALL GROUPS of like-minded individuals. There will also be some materials for you to review to help you better understand this approach that will lead you to your personal success.

And starting Monday,

Let's declare the war on FUG! 

You will be added to a Social Portal, where I will be making daily informational posts (test and video) to help you learn more about yourself, about how success works and how it can be achieved, and discover the tools that you are going to need in order to reach your (sometimes most crazy) goals. There will also be a group where you can chat with other participants, share each other's experiences and have a discussion. Then every week, let's meet on LIVE and talk about it: this is your chance to ask questions and talk to me face to face -- without paying high coaching fees.



  • Self -assessment tests to help you understand yourself (and the life around you) better. (All the test that you see offered on this site are FREE to the group participants)
  • Weekly live meetings
  • Videos explaining little known issues that are success busters
  • Little knows tools that will skyrocket your productivity and the ability to reach your goals
  • A personalized approach, that will take YOUR situation into consideration: I will help you build your own, step-by-step action plan toward the goals that you define (and help you define them as well, if need be) -- AND bust through the obstacles on the way

We shall be victorious!


I am a Certified Holistic Practitioner, and I created this program to help people that I work with double or triple their results. I am a very practical person -- it's not about the process for me, it's about getting the result that you want. However, I quickly discovered that without understanding of the process, without doing things correctly, the results are often compromised, This is why I invite you to go through this coaching program.


In this program, you will:

- Discover the potential you never knew you had

- Learn to turn what you thought were your weaknesses into your best strengths

Learn how to successfully battle and overcome things that are messing up your life, holding you back, or compromising your results.

Discover approaches that work

- Receive the tools you need to battle any obstacle with a lot higher success rate than before

- Even overcome health issues: like, that sleep problem that leaves you so tired in the morning that you are not at your best when it comes to productivity. Or an eating habit that keeps you from being as self-confident as you would like to be. The headaches that keep you from completing your to-so list -- and so on. (Again, these will be selected based on the group participants' wishes -- YOU tell me what you want to work on)

Learn how it all works, and why and how your weight, your beauty (be it anti aging efforts or teenage acne) and your energy levels are connected,

- Learn how to evaluate any method or remedy that you read or hear about and know if it is a crock of BS or something that deserves your attention

Understand why approaches work or fail -- and be able to make a pretty sure call on whether or not any given approach or product would work for you

- Know how to get the business, health, beauty, fitness and even relationships results that you want -- and get better results faster

Start feeling good. Period, actually. Yes, this includes improving health, being more productive, reaching your goals, becoming better at making decisions, overcoming anxiety, guilt, or depression, looking better, losing weight. All these details flow into one big thing: feeling good. Feeling free. Confident. HAPPY.

Discover your true self... and discover HOW GOOD IT FEELS to discover your true self, un-fuck your life (for those in whose case it is necessary), and be in control.

All the conflicting information will fall into a clear sequence, and everything will come together like a giant puzzle.

It will all make sense. It will feel good.

And it will be your ultimate self-improvement.

With the benefit of small groups this is your way to receive PERSONAL, CUSTOMIZED COACHING RESULTS for a fraction of the going price



  • Customized work-through plan, with topics selected specifically for you: your level of knowledge AND specific related interests 
  • Learning materials (ebooks, mind maps, videos, recorded lectures and webinars), with milestones that match YOUR objectives and goals and based on the work plan that will be created for each group individually, based on your input)
  • Live instructor-lead lectures, with the opportunity to ask questions (recording will be available and questions can be submitted in advance)
  • A Social Group of fellow students to share and discuss thoughts, questions, and ideas
  • Access to additional reading and training


  • After you sign up for this program, you will be taken to the member page. Besides more detailed instructions, that page will contain:  

    -       A Holistic Assessment designed to familiarize you a little better with the program, and to help us get to know you better. This is where you can express your immediate goals and expectations..
              Based on this quiz, you will be invited to a social group that best suits your needs.


  • Groups launch every Monday - the Monday following the week when you sign up. This will give you time to take the test and read the introductory materials                   - Groups are kept small, so that everyone's needs and questions can be addressed.

After you sing up, you will be taken to the welcome page where you will find:

  •  Instructions on joining the group
  • A link to the initial test
  • Your intro materials
  • Instructions on how to cancel the program, should you wish to


AGAIN: ALL GROUPS LAUNCH ON MONDAYS. So, next Monday (whatever it may be, depending on the day that you sign up) you will receive a Group Invite by email. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE INITIAL QUESTIONAIRE (where you will be asked for that email, among other things) YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE INVITE THAT WEEK. You will receive the invite the following Monday after you complete the initial questionnaire. 

Your first month is $1 ONLY.
$39.99 monthly thereafter
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