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Acmeology is a HOLISTIC SIENCE based on the studies of Bioenergetics, as well as the recent research in psychology of human behavior that were done from the standpoint of alternative drugless approaches.

The approach of Acmeology brings together the concepts of mind-body connection that trace back to century-long legacies of natural medicine, as well as the recent findings in brain chemistry and cellular biology research.

Let’s take a look at it. What makes some people extremely successful – even though they may have been born in a ghetto, grew up without any parental guidance and were penniless? We hear such “rags to riches” stories way too often to for them to be a coincidence. What makes other people lose it all, even though they win the lottery or are born to rich parents that give them everything one can imagine in order to make them successful? Again, this happens way too often to write things like these to simply bad luck.

What goes on in people’s minds when they make decisions that lead to success? What dynamics are there? What is the brain chemistry that triggers a certain response to challenges or a certain way of thinking? This is what Acmeology studies – and puts to practice.

But there is yet another aspect to your success: your health. We believe in longevity – and not just in concept or in outward appearance. We believe in the quality of life, maintained to our biologically determined age of 120. This quality of life includes beauty in appearance, vitality in the body and happiness in our environment.

Here are a few references to help you get familiar with the Principles of Bioenergetics that our approach and therapies are based on:

Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich are considered the founding fathers of the science of Bioenergetics. The Alexander Lower Foundation (which we are a proud supporter of) promotes awareness and further research, helping this break- through science make its way into helping more people regain the lives that they deserve.

At the core of Acmeology lies Bioenergetics: the science that studies the ultimate mind-body connection.

Bioenergetic approach is based on the fact that physical and emotional health are interconnected. When we're physically healthy, this will reflect in our mood – and when we're emotionally healthy, our bodies are better able to function properly. Unfortunately the opposite is true as well – and these are the imbalances that Bioenergetic therapy aims to fix.

The goal of bioenergetic therapy is to help clients release physical and emotional tension that may be causing problems. This therapy can be helpful for a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, and trauma. It can also be used to improve overall physical health.

We believe in the power of the mind and the power of Nature itself. We believe that all the tools that we need for health and healing are already provided for us by Creation – they just need to be discovered and used properly Drugs represent an artificial, incomplete copy of these tools, as a feeble attempt to mimic the original at a time when the knowledge of the original healing art was pretty near lost after the period of the dark ages. They has their place and purpose, but it’s time to move on!


• We are a WHOLE being, not a sum of parts. Thus, our physical and emotional health are not only closely connected, but also affect each other – and in order to fix one, you need to fix both

• Physical and emotional health are not privileges reserved only for the lucky. They are intended for us by nature, by the design on creation. Therefore, yes – they are attainable

• Provisions for healing are built in into the creation around us. Instead of trying to battle nature for our goals, we simply need to discover and apply these provisions. Instead, we need to battle the enemies that stand in the way of that: misconceptions, limitations, trauma, and so forth

• Success, longevity, ideal shape and stunning look are our birth right. However, we tend to let the enemies mentioned above steal these rights from us. It’s time to push back: discover and regain our true selves – and fight to defend this original creation. This, indeed, is a survival issue.

   Thus, on this site you will find the
natural tools for your well-being in all the three areas -- as well as the practical tools for addressing the immediate needs, symptoms and signals.


Welcome to Triumph Over Gray: a holistic approach to ultimate success in your life: being in your best health, looking your best, handling people and relationships like a boss… eating right, feeling right… and – drum roll please – being able to afford it!

Do you see how all these things are connected?

Here you will learn how the answers to our most common a frequent problems and mishaps have been already prepared for us and simply need to be (re) discovered.

And yes, there is a science for that. A Natural, Holistic Science.


Simply put, it is the science of success.

With roots that trace as far back as 1929, this relatively unknown science has combined public, natural and humanitarian disciplines, trying to unravel the reasons behind success and self-realization and mature personalities.

In simple terms, Acmeology tries to explain the factors that contribute to the achievements that select people accomplish and analyzes why and how this success was achieved. It can cover diverse subjects, such as identifying patterns in how to incentivize creative potential, how a mature personality develops and self-organizes, and the continuous challenges of self-improvement – as well as responses to new and/or challenging circumstances.

“Is acmeology for me?”

Acmeology is for anyone who wants to see their dreams come true. Anyone.

Have you ever felt confused as to why some people seem to effortlessly succeed in their careers while you’re struggling to find your path?
Do you wonder what can help you to lead a more fulfilling, creative life?
Do you feel stuck—for whatever reason, including harsh circumstances and unhealthy relationships—and feel like you’re not maximizing your full potential?
Are you someone who is constantly using their skills in practice, and is thus seeing to update your knowledge?

If you answer “yes” to any of these,

acmeology welcomes you.


A lot more than meets the eye at the first glance. This could be the next required step in the journey of the human civilization. But even this sounds a bit far-fetched and unexpected to you now, think about it as simply a way to be more successful than most.


As the image suggests (and as it is becoming understood and accepted now in the West as well) our minds, emotions and physiological bodies are all connected. In fact, one of the aspects discussed in Acmeological studies is that the turn of human civilization that it took in the last 100 years towards separating these areas of our lives into separate and un-connected disciplines can use some course correction.


GRAY stands for “Grim, Gruesome Gremlins Rising Against You.
How can you define success any better than a victory over failures and setbacks? Beating bleakness and being victorious over obstacles, frustrations, false detours, fear, uncertainty, and so on – in ALL areas of your life.


I want to invite you to the amazing journey of self-discovery and self-realization
by using the principles of Acmeology as well!