I specialize in the ways to achieve Natural Success

Master of Arts in Acmeology (Applied Psychology), Certified Practitioner of Siberian Bioenergetic Medicine, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Herbalist, Artist.

Personal Story

I work from a fundamentally holistic foundation.

Food, money and people are 3 main energies that affect success.

The term “food” encompassed heath -- our general lifestyle and the choices associated therewith , as well as herbs and pills (as in everything that goes into our mouth). Yes, what we eat affects – and even determines -- our health: both physical and mental. And it also determines our looks. And the way we look is tied to the people around us, and what they perceive…

The term “people” encompasses our relationships – and the traumas caused by some of these relationships. It also covers the skills that are needed in order to advance in the career/business side of success… aka “money”.

And do I need to explain that the term “money” encompasses success?... And, in turn, will determine our lifestyle, as in what we eat, for example – and other associated choices.

Now, let’s discuss my background that helped me become an expert in all three, and all their combinations.

I started my journey by completing my formal education in Acmeology: a branch of psychology that deals with the science of success. Then, I applied this knowledge to mastering other aspects of natural and holistic approaches by continuing my education in bioenergetic medicine – with the added focus on metabolic studies and the science of weight loss.

Thus, I have a unique set of skills to help you gain triumph in most vital aspects of life. Mind-body-food connection is indeed real, and it is much more than just a philosophy for me: I have the professional knowledge and access in the in-depth studies behind the synergy behind this concept, and the experience to put it to practical use.


Regardless of what your goal may be, achieving true triumph is only possible through considering yourself as a person in its entirety. Each aspect in our lives impacts the whole “personal eco-system”. There is scientific evidence supporting the fact that feeling good, looking good, and performing well are all connected in a cycle that flows multiple ways. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies are all interconnected and inseparable.

It is through recognizing this interconnectedness that we are able to uncover true intrinsic human potential; it is by leveraging these connections that we are able to unlock it.


Acmeology is a multidisciplinary branch of science that taps into aspects of psychology, sociology, medicine, and other natural and humanitarian fields to understand the mechanisms behind success and how to achieve this. Its modern, holistic principles and tools ensure that we are working effectively across various areas of focus to attain peak results.


Whatever your goal right now may be: from emotional healing and healthy relationships to productivity, career advancement and wealth – or, taking it even further--to physical wellbeing and even improving appearance, I can guide you through working towards it with a systematic Acmeological approach that has been proven to be powerfully transformative.

To further enrich my Holistic Practice, I'm also a certified professional in several fields of specialization, including Functional Nutrition and Metabolic Typing, Beauty Coaching, and Applied Herbology. This enables me to thoroughly work across all dimensions of your success—inside and out.


I hold a Master of Arts in Acmeology, a branch of science that studies success—the psychological and pedagogical factors that lead to it, and how to create a path to achieving it. In essence, this means that I specialize in systematic, analytical, and practical approaches to helping individuals unlock fulfillment and self-actualization for themselves.

I have then continued my education in alternative and holistic psychology – specifically in the fields of Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

…Subsequently receiving a license and certification as a Behavioral Therapy Life Coach

After rekindling my interest in Natural Medicine, I have returned to the studies in the physical (as opposed to the emotional) side of the Holistic approaches -- and Herbology. Besides the formal education, I also participated in an internship of Siberian Medicine spearheaded under the guidance and the legacy of the well-known herbalist N. G. Trechikoff

…Subsequently receiving my practitioner license


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)-FDN is a holistic approach to health in which lab data is investigated and cross-analyzed to uncover underlying root causes of physical symptoms, in order to find lifestyle, environmental, and self-care solutions.


I am a certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, trained to provide nutritional counseling and wellness coaching to those looking to optimize their dietary and lifestyle habits. Metabolic typing is a branch of nutrition in which highly individualized plans are created based on genetic factors to improve overall health and enable peak physical performance.

Having undergone rigorous training and met stringent criteria, I am a proud member of the American Herbalist Guild, one of the country’s most prominent and widely recognized associations of herbal practitioners.

Lastly, I am a certified Beauty Trainer. I trained and licensed to conduct Face Yoga sessions and classes, sharing the power of face yoga. Face yoga is an effective natural anti-aging solution that has been gaining ground as one of the top beauty solutions worldwide.We also use acupressure and diverse massage techniques (Shiatsu, Buccal, Gua Sha), as well as herbal and essential oil based remedies and salves.


International University
of Fundamental Studies

Covering nearly all branches of science and fields of study, the IUFS in St.Petersburg, Russia operates as a Complex Public Scientific ResearchInstitution—the first of its kind in the world. With a highly esteemed faculty of scientists and members of the academe, the IUFS equips specialists and researchers with internationally recognized higher education.


Founded in 1987, Healthexcel is not only the leader in Metabolic Typing, but it isthe registered trademark holder of this leading-edge branch of nutrition. Backed by research, Healthexcel has provided testing, analysis, coaching, and training services to private individuals, professionals, and organizations since its inception.

Mind Body Food Institute

Face Yoga

Created by licensed esthetician and successful beauty businesswoman Yulia Saifullina, Face Yoga has become one of the most popular natural anti-aging programs over the last 30 years.