The danger of “false alarms” when it comes to perception

The danger of “false alarms” when it comes to perception

“Units of Perception” are what we call the key building blocks in our approach to overcoming bad luck.

In essence, units of perception are fixed concepts in our mind that determine our attitudes, feelings, judgments, and of therefore, of course, CHOICES. Which would all be well and good when it comes to avoiding bad luck, except… the tricky thing is that a Unit of Perception is not always right on the money.

For example, you meet someone and you feel like they’re acting shady – you feel like they’re all clammed up and most likely hiding something. Because of how you perceive them, you get intimidated. Later you find out that your perception couldn’t be more wrong – that person is actually autistic. They aren’t hiding anything or shutting you out.

Even when the mechanism of our emotions – which are part and parcel of our units of perception – can get out of balance and start malfunctioning. A great illustration of this comes in the form of the saying: “A crow that has been shot at is afraid of every bush.” Similarly, because our experiences have potentially altered our units of perception, we may end up approaching every situation as if there’s a threat present… even when there isn’t.

“Am I overreacting?” This is a common question that we ask when we question our perception, because we know it CAN be off. You feel frustrated, alone, mistreated, what have you – only to look back a few days later and say to yourself: “Whatever got into me. Was I tripping or what? Hate it when I get this way!”

To summarize: our units of perception can sometimes be way off. And because our units of perception determine our choices, this “malfunction” often brings about BAD LUCK. In demystifying bad luck, we need to recognize our units of perception, examine these closely, and tune them up so we can function at our optimal potential.

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