Out of luck… or out of tune?

Out of luck… or out of tune?

We’ve already established that different energy centers located throughout the body are responsible for who we are. (Not convinced? I highly recommend you check out THIS VIDEO first!) In a nutshell, these energy centers fire differently for everyone – some stronger, some weaker – and these “notes” combine to form a unique melody for each of us.

But what happens when this song goes out of tune?

Is that even possible in the first place?!

Absolutely. While each “note” fires differently, there is a normal range for these, just like for the rest of our bodily functions (i.e. normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar levels, a range of height, etc.). And just like everything else, they can get out of balance.

For example, if our blood sugar goes high, we have energy. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation. We feel the strength to run a marathon, or the energy to do things in the morning – great, right? But when this happens at night, we won’t be able to fall asleep.

But when our blood sugar goes TOO HIGH or TOO LOW, then we have a real problem. Very high blood sugar means diabetes, which, untreated, can eventually cause your feet to fall off, make you blind, and even kill you. On the other end of the spectrum, very low blood sugar means a coma: you are going to pass out and may never wake up.

But it’s “just sugar”, right? This is a wrong and dangerous unit of perception, folks!

The same principle is true for our energies.

There are normal ranges of these energy levels – which, again, create a unique combination which makes each of us individually unduplicatable. However, childhood trauma, circumstances, and things that we go through can also cause these levels to go TOO HIGH or TOO LOW – and that’s when we have problems.

Just like with the onset the diabetes, these problems may not be severe enough to give us too much concern initially. “it’s just sugar” type of thing. But the situation CAN get worse.

When our song is out of tune – out of the natural harmony it was intended to be – we are NOT able to function at our optimum potential. And this is when we experience what we term “BAD LUCK.”

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