Modern Day Relationship Challenges

Modern Day Relationship Challenges

A happy marriage is a threat to the devil. It is also a threat to his little cronies, who are obsessed with having control: it is a lot easier to deceive and control people each one on their own -- but when these people start to team up, this is where those aspiring "rulers of the world" start feeling a little challenged. 

Not to mention that --according to MANY, MANY personal accounts and confessions -- there is no happiness that can be matched with a happiness of having the right person in your life... and there is no worser misery than the misery of an unhappy marriage.

So, the devil, after failing to destroy marriage by other means throughout history, in our modern days has come up with a devious invention, mistakenly named by the mainstream psychology as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). (In reality, as the in-depth studies show, Narcissism is not a problem of too much self love, but rather an insatiable hunger for it, due to lack of love during early childhood development-- more on this on the blog)

In the following video, Kim and Steve briefly explain the dynamics that are at play, and the gaslighting approach that breeds loneliness abuse, and other horrible consequences of narcissism under the guise of pursuing self-love and self-actualization. (Don't get me wrong: there is nothing -- I repeat: NOTHING -- wrong with healthy amount of self love. It's the horrible network of lies that pass OTHER THINGS in its guise. This is what this part of my Arguments and Facts is all about)

Because of this developmental setting that has been created in the recent years in the global culture many, many couples are affected by NPD. Many marriages that started as a dream come true  now fall apart -- as we are feeling confused, unheard, un-understood and un-loved. 

I was lucky to run into this wonderful leader, Kim Cooper, while struggling with problems in my own relationship. Kim stepped in and  became my counselor when things felt absolutely hopeless. Now we are working together to help other couples as well.

I have dusted off my Master's degree in Acmeology (a how-to of how to reach success and realize your full potential) and have been a student of Kim's system for almost 2 years now. As we speak, Kim is participating in a clinical study at the University of Sidney, Australia in hopes to get this approach more mainstream recognition. But as it stands,  mainstream psychology holds a view that Narcissism cannot be cured and thus, once you determine that NPD is present in your relationship, the only solution is to get out of that relationship as fast as you can. However, mine and Kim's presently happy marriages -- as well as the numerous testimonials of Kim's clients -- speak to the opposite.

Please explore the basics of what Narcissism is (and isn't), as well as how it affects your relationship and (most importantly) what you can do about it by reading this online journal.


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