I am a licensed holistic nutritionist from the Venice Nutrition Center and a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor®. After seeing so many people getting rebound weight from crash diets or suffering for years trying to gain control over their weight, I decided to take a different approach to a diet based on the specific needs of each person.

Metabolic Typing® is a method to gain insight into the genetic makeup that determines your most appropriate diet. Healthexcel, a research-based organization established in 1987 developed the method. Healthexcel is the leader and registered trademark holder of Metabolic Typing®.


The only source of information regarding the process of working with your Metabolic Type® is a trained and certified Metabolic Type® Advisor. As MT Advisors, we follow our own Metabolic Type® Diets so we know what it takes to be successful.

 On a personal note -- I am over 50, have 5 children... and still look decent (I think 😂😂)

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Metabolic Typing® is a program based on your specific nutritional needs, as defined by your genes. It is not a fad diet; Metabolic Typing® is a way to eat that becomes part of your life and requires no effort. You are not forcing yourself to adjust to a diet; the diet adjusts to you. Metabolic Typing® is the most natural way to control your weight. It is your body who “recommends” what to eat without having to deprive yourself of the foods you like. It is the end of a struggle between you and your body.


What should you EXPECT?

  • Natural weight control: Your body will self-regulate its weight; you just need to provide it with the nutrients it requires.
  • General health improvement: Eating according to what your body needs prevents malnutrition or overnutrition.
  • Prevent illnesses associated to mismatched nutrient intake.
  • Higher energy levels: Adjusting your macronutrients will help your body improve its metabolism.
  • Enjoy life without depriving yourself of your favorite foods.


My service

Right understanding is necessary if you are going to stick with your program. As a certified Metabolic Type® Advisor, I will provide you with information, guidance, coaching, and emotional support as you go along. When you start to eat right, wonderful things start to happen, and, naturally, you will have questions. I will help you understand your body changes so that you can fine-tune your specific individual requirements.

I will help you set reasonable and attainable goals according to your lifestyle, and most importantly, monitor your individual nutritional needs as they change. I will help you to achieve the results you are expecting from your Metabolic Typing®  program as quickly and easily as possible.


What my clients say


Helena helped me understand the technical information provided by my MT reports. I had no idea how to time my meals or set the expectations for my first weeks. Helena follows her own Metabolic Type® Diet so the sessions are like talking to a friend who is following a healthy lifestyle and knows how to do it.



I am incredibly grateful I got to meet Helena. Without her guidance, I could not have stuck to my Metabolic Type program. Switching to a healthy diet has very deep emotional implications. Helena was there for me during the tough times, providing me with advice and adjusting the plan according to my stress levels and what was going on in my life.





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