Can anger be good for you?

Can anger be good for you?

For most of us giving ourself permission to get angry is a tall order. In our culture we grow up thinking that anger is bad, evil, embarrassing, something that makes you "not a good person" -- and is not something to be admitted to, even to your own self.

However, recent studies show that bottled-up anger (aka the anger that is not acknowledged, faced and dealt with through appropriate action or expression) causes all kinds of problems: from heart disease to depression to psychopathic tendencies.(Even wonder how serial killers come to be: we all start by being a soft, loving child -- so how come some of us turn into those monsters? As it turns out, unexpressed anger is the neurological pathway that leads to that)

So, are we doing the right thing by avoiding facing our anger -- and teaching our children to do the same?  If you're going, say what you want -- I still feel that agner is wrong, read this article!

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