Acmeology and Holistic Wellness

Acmeology and Holistic Wellness

Harnessing the power of natural solutions

When you think of success, what are some things you associate with it? Climbing up the ladder in your career, perhaps. Or, making enough money to buy the things you’ve always needed and wanted. Some might say achieving happiness and feeling fulfilled.

What about being healthy and looking good? Even though these are definitely things that many of us want or aspire to, chances are, they aren’t among the top things that immediately come to mind. We tend to look at these aspects as things that you either are or aren’t, have or don’t have—not goals we are capable of working towards.

While it’s true that professional advancement and personal achievement are areas that can benefit significantly from an Acmeological approach, it is clear that some of the basic principles that underpin this can easily impact physical aspects our lives as well.                                                    

One core pillar of Acmeology is self-determinism, which refers to ownership over your personal choices and the impact of these on your life.

In terms of physical fitness and well being, this could simply look like working on becoming more in tune with your body and intentionally making better lifestyle choices. In essence, taking control of your own health.

Acmeology also recognizes the inter connectivity of the various aspects of our lives and person hood, including sociological, environmental, spiritual, biological, and so forth. It studies how each is a factor that affects the other, and thus, how synergy among these might be achieved to unlock a person’s innate potential.

This is where wellness solutions such as yoga, aromatherapy, and herbology come into play.

Aligned to the core of Acmeology, these natural, “alternative” wellness treatments are largely holistic in nature. This means that these entail viewing, diagnosing, and treating the person as a whole—inside and outside, mind, body, and spirit—and not merely a collection of body parts and symptoms.

While natural approaches have been gaining ground even in the mainstream, there’s still a lot of uncertainty and even skepticism when it comes to these.

But, there’s no denying that physiology is a lot more closely linked to emotional and mental well being than many think; in fact, it’s impossible to separate them. Our emotional state impacts our physical health and vice versa.

To illustrate, tension migraines and stress-induced aches and pains are all established conditions that are conventional medicine recognizes and treats. If our emotional and mental state can cause these physical issues, then shouldn’t it follow that we also have the capacity for self-healing?

Looking at physical health, well being (even beauty and anti-aging) through this lens, it’s clear that Acmeology has a lot to offer in these aspects as well. Grounded in a clear understanding of a person as a whole—even including their surroundings and circumstances—it may just be one of the most powerful approaches of all.



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