How to leave a toxic relationship - 2 WEEK COACHING PACKAGE

How to leave a toxic relationship - 2 WEEK COACHING PACKAGE

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Leaving a Toxic Relationship: The How-to, Safety and a Step-by-Step Guide

No matter how toxic a relationship may be – how much you’ve been hurt, how much you are not going to miss the abuse, the silent treatments, the put downs… ending a relationship is ALWAYS a loss, regardless. And it is emotionally difficult – with many questions and doubts.

Add to this the fact that by the time we realize that we are in a bad relationship we usually already are:

  • Emotionally exhausted, and barely have energy to get motivated to do anything
  • Mentally drained, and cannot think straight or make the right decisions with confidence
  • Financially devastated – and simply cannot afford to make the move
  • Have no one left who cares, and have no place to go

Not to mention that toxic partners do not give up very easily and take such decisions personally – so there is almost always a fear of “what he is going to do” to you (and/or your kids) in such situations.

Now – try to climb out of this one. It’s like climbing out of a precipice with two broken legs and after you haven’t eaten for several days – with a dragon chasing you!

Yes, this is not easy! But it is still possible. Let’s do it!

Coaching duration: 4 weeks (1 month).  This is an asynchronous form of coaching: there will be no appointments to keep (unless you select the PLUS option and choose to attend), and you are always in charge of your session.

*Bioenergetic medicine is considered an alternative, holistic approach


This package includes:


  • 4-week unlimited chat with the therapist.

You will be added to a group, where the coach(es) will answer your questions directly, share additional information in the form of articles, videos advice and so on, and will be there for you in other ways. Basically, this is a chat with the live coach, plus other bells and whistles (additional reading/watching material) -- with the goal of reaching the outcome that you will specify in the beginning.

  • Free Loves Safety Net Workbook by Kim Cooper
  • Getting Out checklist
  • 20% discount coupon for purchasing additional chat time if needed



  • All of the above
  • 2 live virtual Round Table Discussions (aka zoom/teams meeting): no one is ever muted, and speaking up is not only allowed, but encouraged. We always keep the number of participants low in order to make this discussion possible. 1 hr. duration. The recording will be shared regardless of whether you attend or not, and questions that you want answered can be submitted in advance.
  • 50% discount coupon for 20 min one-on-one virtual meeting with the coach

This module is a step-by-step guide to leaving a toxic relationship. We will cover:

  • Being emotionally ready: away with fear and doubt (How to be sure you’re making the right decision and avoid guilt)
  • Dealing with the pain of the break-up (Yes, as stated in the beginning, it is always there, no matter what)
  • Loading the bases:
  • Preparing financially (even if he controls all the money right now)
  • How to make sure he is not going to kill you for this
  • What about the kids?
  • …Simply resolving stress and confusion –

All this will depend on your individual situation

  • Making the right steps in the right order


▶️Watch the telegram channel for the group assignment. (You will receive a link to join). The structure will be as usual: I will share the information that will be important for you to have and we will discuss each of your individual situations, as well as each step outlined above and the related questions.


Please keep in mind:

  • As discussed above, this is, technically, a group form of coaching. If you’re not comfortable to potentially sharing your information (such as assessment results, the discussion of your personal situation, etc.) with other people, please consider PRIVATE FORMS of coaching instead:
    Face to Face (Remote)
  • Although many additional assets are shared free of charge, just like in any therapy situation, sometimes further referrals are necessary. (Just like your medical doctor may send you for a CAT scan which is outside of the appointment scope, in the like manner I may recommend other things that I feel could be useful to your situation outside of the scope described above). These are always optional, however.