What is Async (Asynchronous Coaching Approach)?

The convenience of the async approach is that there are no appointments to keep.

Ever re-arranged your entire day to be on a live webinar... only to be muted throughout the duration and then wondering why this couldn't have been a video? Or, rushed to your therapist office, spent an hour in the waiting room, lost the entire night out of your schedule... only to have them pop-in for 15 min and not even have time for your questions? The Async approach solves all these: you can watch the materials on your schedule -- while your questions will get answered thoroughly and timely every time!


Rather than being somewhere at a certain time to have a dialog with the coach, you do it over a short period of time, without any interruption to your schedule:

  1. I post the needed materials: video, links to the reading materials, homework -- whatever is needed at the moment
  2. You have a certain time to respond (usually 24 hours, longer for more complex assignments)
  3. I come back, anwer questions, give further guidance, etc.
  4. Shorter questions get answered promptly in the chat, so there is usually no waiting for clarification or for the urgent help when needed

Asynchronous coaching can be looked at as a combination of a traditional e-course (everyone is familiar with what an online course is by now, I think) -- with live, coach-guided Bioenergetic Medicine based therapy, in remote format (chat and video)



I do my coaching in a somewhat unique way. I believe, for one, that real life experiences often teach far more powerful lessons than any therapist ever could – there is just no substitute for “having been there”.

On the other hand, there is this phenomena in psychology: cathartic self-evaluation mechanism. What this means is that once you start sharing (voicing) your thoughts, these thoughts then go through a very unique verification mechanism in your mind, which allows for the depth of insight that otherwise would not have been possible. Have you ever experienced examples like this: you are really frustrated with someone or something – then you start telling someone about what happened… and that person never says a word, but as you are speaking you suddenly see the situation in a totally different light, and you are not as mad anymore? (This is why we have the need to vent, by the way.) Or, let’s say you have lied about something (yes, we all do at some point in life –forget that George Washington fake image!) – and you think you have a perfect cover up… until you start speaking about it and as you speak, this is when you start seeing all kind of glaring holes in your story. This is that insight/evaluation mechanism at work.

Anyway – to use the two powerful assets described above and draw on the social learning aspect of our human nature, I use a fluid approach to counseling by creating coaching groups. in order to leverage our personal experiences and similarities in our life’s situations.

Depending on the initial intake, you may become a group of one – or I may add you to a group of “seasoned” participants who have been using my system for a while and can speak of the changes in their lives they have personally experienced – or anything in between.


The coaching process will look like this:

 All coaching packages are run by myself and one of my assistants (PA), who is also a Certified Life Coach. So, you will often get two specialists for the price of one 😊


▶️Immediately after you sign up you will receive a link to get started and do some preparatory "homework:: to take an assessment, a diagnostic test, to submit your question (for chats), or -- depending on the module that you're taking -- an introductory e-course, some reading materials to go over or videos to watch. (Refer to your specific module for what is included in that package)

We will also ask you to download the app (Telegram) which we are going to be using for our communication


 ▶️Based on the results of the assessment (or the nature of your question in chats),  I will assign you to a group that I feel would be best for achieving the goal that you have set forth


Chats start every Monday (a chat is a dialog with the therapist, however additional tools -- excercises, meditations, journals, supplemental reading and video materials, etc.-- are often also included as needed).

The duration of a chat is 5 days (Monday - Friday). The coachies will post both video and text responces to your questions, and you will also be asked for active participation through mini-assignments and excercises.

Coaching Modules start every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month and represent a fully sturctured therapy approach to reach the objective that you're seeking to achieve. The duration of coaching modules is specified separately for each -- please refer to the description of each module.


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