Ask me ANYTHING: Problem to Solution PRIVATE Chat Plus

Ask me ANYTHING: Problem to Solution PRIVATE Chat Plus

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Any problem or issue that you want to discuss: 5 day unlimited chat

This is an actual dialogue with me personally via a messaging app


Wondering what to do? Not sure how you feel (or should feel)? Trying to figure out the why?

Let's take one question and discuss it until we pinpoint a solution. No subjects barred!

After purchase, you will be taken to the page where you will be able to download our messaging app (free and secure). I will then ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire where you will describe the issue that you're trying to resolve.  

I will send you a link to a private chat room between you and me, where we can discuss further details and I will ask follow up questions (Give me UP TO 2 business days to review your request (I often respond a lot sooner, but just for cush)

I check the chatrooms 3-4 times a day, and we will keep the discussion going until you feel you have all the answers you need, or we reach the end of a 5 day period. (Weekends are excluded, so if your chat launches on Wednesday, for example, the end day will be the Wednesday of the following week)

▶️I will often record videos for you and/or send you links to other helpful information, which I feel may be beneficial in the discussion. You're welcome to do the same.

▶️One question per session please.

Do you think we can figure out your problem in 5 days? 😜 I bet we will at least make enough progress to help you solve the confusion and create a roadmap to the desired results!

Prefer to talk face to face in a video conference? Click here!