Clear Mind Fog -Private

Clear Mind Fog -Private

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Clear Mind Fog: Gain clarity, gain momentum, put yourself back at the steering wheel of your life

When it comes to your thinking, do you ever feel foggy and off track?

 Everyone wants to be in control of their own thoughts and decisions and be more productive and motivated. The Clear Brain Fog workshop has the power to give you back that control and allow you to focus, reduce stress and achieve your goals.

 Dealing with mind fog is arguably the approach that reflects the essense of bioenergetics, which recognizes the mind-body connection and addresses conditions like this one from both the physcial and the psychological angle. In this workshop we will help you to fine-tune them in order to resolve the condition and gain mind clarity and focus.


▶️This is a LIVE ASYNCHRONOS LIFE COACHING WORKSHOP SESSION: an actual dialogue with the coach via a messaging app, COMPLETE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS, exercises and additional tools as needed.  (Learn more about how it works)
We will start with a discussion where we will share some very important insights and then answer any questions that you may have. We will then proceed to working with the specific issues of each of the group participants. We also often share additional articles, videos, exercises, meditations and other tools and materials if the coach sees that this would be helpful.


The Clear Brain Fog workshop has a simple and powerful goal of helping you take control of your own thoughts and decisions. This highly effective program has been developed to help you gain clarity in your thinking and decisions and give you back the momentum you need to reach your goals.

Take control of your thoughts and decisions and become more productive and motivated. Join the Clear Brain Fog workshop and see the results

Here is what the coaching process is going to look like:

 After you complete the checkout, you will be given a link to the workshop. (It will also be emailed to you). Click it, and on the intro page there will be two tasks for you:

  • Download the app which we will be using for our communication
  • Take the initial intake assessment, which will help me to get to know you and your situation a little better – and it will also help you to organize your thoughts about your situation a little better as well. (Many people start getting solution clues and ideas on what to do just by taking this test). In that intake.
  • The day before the workshop, you will receive a notification in the app with an invitation to join!

  Based on the information that you will give me in your intake, I will assign each person to a group where the participants will have something in common: this will help us create synergy of each of us benefiting from each other’s experiences, and will help me give you the information and guidance that is spot on for your situation.


Here is what is included:

🟢The coach(es) will record short videos where we will answer your questions or give you guidance

🟢Many of your questions will be answered directly in the chat

🟢Your input in terms of sharing your experiences with me and other members and participation in the discussion is strongly encouraged

🟢We will also share other reading/watching materials which I feel are pertinent to your situation.

🟢We will be giving you some homework, which we will subsequently go over in the group. Depending on the nature of your objective and questions, these may be journals, exercises, meditations, and so on.


▶️Our goal in this workshop is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.


▶️ You will walk away with complete understanding of what is going on, why and -- especially - what to do about it(Yes, this is a promise! Emerge with a clear mind!)