The Love Safety Net Workbook

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Do you find creating your ‘happily ever after’ life a challenging and implausible task? Written by the author of Back from the Looking Glass, this workbook is bound to bring love and warmth back into your marriage.

During the bumpy days in your relationship, experts or close friends might advise you to leave your narcissistic spouse. Kim Cooper will help you win the battle in your personal war zone and improve your love life through practical advice and exercises.

Love is a powerful emotion and when harnessed correctly, it can be a strong force in your life. The author expertly shares exercises to build love in your relationship and fill your family life with affection instead of resentment, hurt, anger, and fights. The workbook encapsulates:

  • Practical advice and exercises to improve your love life
  • Revitalize love and adoration in a troubled marriage
  • Real-life examples to convey empathy
  • The 4 pillars to ensure that your home is a warm and safe place for your kids
What are the essential 4 pillars and exercises? Grab your personal copy to find out.