Copy of Anger and Verbal abuse -- Private

Copy of Anger and Verbal abuse -- Private

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Dealing with Anger:
Both Your AND Their issues

5 day Round Table Discussion


Join us for a live, involved, and honest chat, lead by a Holistic Life Coach!
Ask your questions, share your story -- and let's learn from each other's experiences, guided by professional input!


▶️Small groups, capped at 20 people

Depending on the week's demand and on when you join you may even find yourself to be a group of just 2-3 people. (If you prefer PRIVATE, One-on-one dialogs with the coach, select the corresponding version of this workshop here)

▶️Asynchronous chat - works with YOUR schedule

No zooms smack in the middle of your day... only to find yourself muted throughout... Why couldn't that be a video?😂 Think of these asynch conversations as a Facebook chat or Insta comments... with the added benefit of that the next video the coach posts will be addressing your specific input and/or answering your questions!

▶️Talk to the coach via text and video

Your input WILL be addressed promptly, and your questions will be answered with as much clarification and discussion as needed! We will chat in the messaging app, and the coaches will also post videos discussing the issues raised in the group and/or answering questions. As needed we also share additional resources and materials


  • Your questions answered and your individual situation discussed
  • Help of a professional holistic Life Coach trained in Bioenergetic Psychology
  • A thorough discussion of the dynamics that take place in this kind of situation which will help you gain insight into what is going on and why
  • A live dialogue with the coach to answer any questions that you may have - 5 day duration
  • New friends and the benefit of their life experiences -- there is just no substitute for "having been there"
  • A thorough talk-through of the your specifics of the issue with the goal  to find answers and resolve the problem
  • Professional advice on what is going on and what is the best way to approach the situation
  • An action plan for what to do
  • Additional resources for pursuing the issue further (exercises, referrals, additional reading, etc. - depending on the nature of your situation)


Is this verbal abuse or did you legit pissed them off? Why is it so difficult to apologize – and should you? And what do you do if you live with a person who is constantly mad at you?

As opposed to the proverbial “anger management” treatment, this approach  actually works: this is not about how to effectively suppress anger or use self-soothing techniques. It’s about how to heal the underlying pain that causes you to be angry every time the wound is touched – and discover and bring out the enormous potential underneath instead. 

On the flip side, if you're constantly dealing with someone who is constantly triggered like that, knowing how to safeguard yourself from being hurt is also crucial.



▶️This is a LIVE ASYNCHRONOS LIFE COACHING WORKSHOP SESSION: an actual dialogue with the coach via a messaging app, COMPLETE WITH YOUR SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS, exercises and additional tools as needed. (Learn more about how it works)
We will start with a discussion where we will share some very important insights and then answer any questions that you may have. We will then proceed to working with the specific issues of each of the group participants. We also often share additional articles, videos, exercises, meditations and other tools and materials if the coach sees that this would be helpful.

 Here is what we can cover in this discussion:

  • What is anger: understand that anger is a pain/trauma response
  • How to stop blaming yourself for losing your temper and discover and activate the potential that your body is replacing by anger
  • How to turn anger into triumph and stop the problems which it has been causing you
  • How to deal with an angry partner, parent or a co-worker
  • How to protect yourself from being hurt by their anger without necessarily abandoning the relationship
  • Your specific questions and situations


Here is what the coaching process is going to look like:

 After you complete the checkout, you will be given a link to the workshop. Please keep the check out Thank You page open until the link is displayed -- sometimes it may take a few minutes to load. (It will also be emailed to you)

▶️The day before the workshop, you will receive a notification in the app with an invitation to join!

    Based on the information that you will give me in your intake, I will assign each person to a group where the participants will have something in common: this will help us create synergy of each of us benefiting from each other’s experiences, and will help me give you the information and guidance that is spot on for your situation.


    ▶️Our goal in this workshop is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.

     ▶️ You will walk away with complete understanding of what is going on, why and -- especially - what to do about it(Yes, this is a promise!)


    IMPORTANT: Please note that the cut-off time for NEXT Monday is Wednesday at 11:59 pm Pacific (Los Angeles) time. If you FILL OUT YOUR INTAKE after this deadline, your chat will take place THE WEEK AFTER