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Join us for a Wellness Fair and a Healthy Lunch! Lose weight naturally – without depriving yourself of your favorite foods, gym membership commitment, going hungry and other self-torture!


     No subjects barred!
Enter at your own risk!

Free dialogs:
Every first Friday of the month.

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  • This is your opportunity to talk to me free of charge, I offer these conversations the first Friday of each month - and everyone is welcome.

    This is a a no sibjects barred discussion -- so, if you were told in one of my groups that "this is not the place" where I can discuss politics, religion, or any other opinion like this -- now this IS the place for those. Taking offense may result in a recommendation to purchase one of my Developing Tolereance modules!😂
  • Join us for a good discussion!

    (I will hold for 15 min - if no one logs in, we'll reconvene again the next month)

"General presentations will be followed by lunch, where you can try winning, gourmet meals and get their recipes. The menu will be shared on the event page closer to the event date – so make sure to click INTERESTED to receive these updates"