System Minus 45 - Natural Weight Loss Program Stage 1 Step1


You can lose weight naturally by fine tuning your metabolism. This will make sure that your body burns the fat you’ve been trying to lose, instead of storing it.

System Minus 45 Holistic Weight loss program has been showing amazing results:

  • 87% of program participants report “significant improvement” within the first 3 weeks
  • 65% reported that this was the FIRST/ONLY diet that has worked for them so far
  • 78% reported “not having to make any drastic changes” as the main advantage that they see in this program

This is also the only weight loss program (that I know of) that comes with a GUARANTEE: if, after completing the first step you feel that this program has not benefited you in any way, we will refund your entire purchase – and we won’t ask you to explain anything: simply send it your request here

This is your chance to finally get into your best-looking shape without depriving yourself of your favorite foods, altering your entire life to accommodate multiple trips to the gym, going hungry (= h-angry), and otherwise being miserable.

First of all, let me make it clear: when I say “without making any drastic changes” this does not mean “without making ANY changes at all”. We all know Einstein’s definition of insanity: to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to see a different result. But I submit that this is EXACTLY what a calorie-counting, gym-joining approach is.

In my practice as a Metabolic Typing Advisor I meet so many women who say:

“Look: I’ve been doing everything right. I’ve been eating healthy, and I took out a gym membership. But my body just isn’t budging.”

And, as a Metabolic Typing Advisor, I usually can see exactly why:

  • Most weight loss approaches work AGAINST the participant’s metabolism, by trying to artificially force you into a different way of eating, a strict lifestyle that doesn’t jive with your present schedule and commitments, and by simply ignoring all and any signals from your body (such as hunger and cravings) And you can only fight Nature only for so long.
  • Most weight loss approaches are based on just one or two, at best, metabolic processes that are responsible for weight loss or gain – as for example, ketosis (with no consideration of what other aspects of your health prolonged ketosis can rip into shreds) or hormones (under a ridiculous assumption that every woman’s hormones act the same), or – everyone’s favorite: calorie counting (under the guise of points, merits, demerits, or what have you)
  • Most weight loss approaches have no consideration for where you’re starting from. Yes, anyone who starts running a mile and do 20 push-ups effective tomorrow, is probably going to lose some weight, I agree. But what if you can’t do a single push up at the moment? What if you have a young baby at home and cannot leave her long enough to run a mile? Then what?

One small change from relying on your will power while trying to force yourself into a regimen that your body resists, to discovering and engaging the power of your metabolism can be a real game changer.


  • Our bodies are equipped with everything we need for optimal shape and are designed to be beautiful. (Health and ideal shape are essential survival tools – thus, Nature has provisioned for them). However, our metabolism is like a recipe: if you omit or substitute even one ingredient, the outcome can be something that you did not expect. Discovering how our metabolism works and working WITH it, will effortlessly bring you to that ideal shape.
  • A systematic approach and the taking into consideration of all aspects of what is going on in our body is a way to “cure” weight gain by bringing our entire body into the Nature-intended balance
  • An individual approach instead of a blanket advice – doesn’t this make more sense?

Step 1 is one of the foundational, and arguably, one of the most important parts of System Minus 45 Program.
In this step you will learn how to awaken and establish night-time fat burn.

THE PROCESS IS SIMPLE: You weight yourself at night, right before going to bed. Then, you will weight yourself in the morning. After this process is established and working, you will see up to 5 lb. drop between the evening and the morning numbers. This usually happens by the end of Step 1. IF THIS IS NOT A LIVING PROOF THAT THIS SYSTEM WORKS, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WOULD BE

The purpose of Step 1 is to launch this exact process. You can take it from there on your own, or join the full program and finish the 45 week challenge: the choice is entirely yours.

…And, until Christmas, I am offering this program for 80% off the original price!