Besides the physical and the physiological parts of health, Bioenergetic medicine also recognizes the importance of your environment in the overall formula of your well-being.

This section holds the tools that you’re going to need in order to successfully interact with this environment – and wage the battle with the hostile elements that it holds: toxins, pathogens, destructive forces, etc.

Here you will find herbal recipes for your overall health, natural anti-aging approaches (the war against the destructive forces of time) and other GENERAL tools that I use and recommend in the battle for success.

Coaching sessions and programs with a live choach

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Self directed programs, VIBEs and recommended reading

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Tools for success

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Personal Consultation with Helena (Holistic Life Coach)
Personal Consultation with Helena (Holistic Life Coach)

Personal Consultation with Helena (Holistic Life Coach)


These are your regular Life Coaching appointments 😄

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I will be happy to personally answer any questions that you may have, evaluate your situation and give you further advice.

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