I specialize in natural ways to achieve health and success

Master of Science in Acmeology (Applied Psychology), Certified Practitioner of Bioenergetic Medicine, ICF Certified Holistic Coach, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Herbalist, Artist.

Personal Story

I work from a fundamentally holistic foundation.


I started my journey by earning a Master of Arts degree in Acmeology – a field of Holistic Applied Psychology, defined as ‘the science of success”: a new and emerging branch of science that studies the dynamics of what makes some people succeed and others fail, and how to create a path to achieving your goals. The underlying science of Bioenergetics brings in yet another aspect of success: it views success not as what you do, but as an aspect of health: in other words, what success does for YOU.


I have then received CE credit in Bioenergetic Analysis – yet another niche of bioenergetic medicine that studies our psychology and behavior from the angle of childhood trauma: the damage that traumatic or difficult experiences introduce to our overall energy blueprint and even to the DNA memory. These emotional and psychological wounds often manifest themselves as physical muscle tensions, “genetic” diseases, or susceptibility to a wide range of other physical illnesses: difficulty sleeping, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, back pain, and so on.
Bioenergetic analysis approach helps spot these emotional scars and their effects on our emotional wellbeing, and then work on healing these underlying wounds, thus helping improve both the emotional and the physical health


As any true holistic science, Bioenergetics is drugless. We strongly believe that the provisions for healing that have been created as part of nature will always surpass those that have been subsequently created by the human intellect. They just need to be discovered, studied, and understood.
I started this journey by receiving training as a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, later discovering the parallels in Western Herbal Energetics.

I have then continued my education in alternative and holistic psychology – specifically in the fields of Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.
The additional angle that Bioenergetics brings here is the use of the Kaizen method: this method uses the philosophy of starting where you are (out of shape, in an emotional crisis, etc.) and then consistently making small changes: if you grow by 1% every day, eventually you will be 100% better, as long as you stay the course.


Bioenergetics is an important part of our metabolism. I am a certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, trained to provide nutritional counseling and wellness coaching to those looking to optimize both their weight and their health. Metabolic typing is a branch of nutrition in which highly individualized plans are created based on genetic factors to improve overall well-being and enable peak physical performance. We subscribe to the principle that our weight is a reflection of our health and reflects the state of our overall vitality. Improving vitality resolves both problems – and a few others

Having undergone rigorous training and met stringent criteria, I am a proud member of the American Herbalist Guild, one of the country’s most prominent and widely recognized associations of herbal practitioners.

Lastly, I am a certified Beauty Trainer. I trained and licensed to conduct Face Yoga sessions and classes, sharing the power of face yoga. Face yoga is an effective natural anti-aging solution that has been gaining ground as one of the top beauty solutions worldwide.We also use acupressure and diverse massage techniques (Shiatsu, Buccal, Gua Sha), as well as herbal and essential oil based remedies and salves.