My personal letter to you

Most Life Navigation Guides open up a conversation with a common question: So, how can I help you?

This is a silly question, once you think about it. If you knew exactly what needs to be done, why would you even need anyone else to guide you from there?

So, let’s do better. Instead of a usual initial consultation (which usually tends to boil down to semi-formal introductions and an invitation to work together, anyway), I want to offer you a FREE diagnostic assessment.


Here is what it will look like:

  1. We'll start with those quick initial introductions, of course -- can't do without those 😊
  2. Using a Holistic Psychology technique (based on Internal Family Systems approach) we will do an actual, practical diagnostic session. You will walk away with a clear picture of what may be affecting your situation and/or holding you back from making your dreams, goals and plans a reality.
  3. Many people can take it from there on their own: because, again, once you know what needs to happen, you can then take full control.
  1. Needless to say, if you want to work with me further, I’ll be happy to help😊

And yes – no strings attached!


You can take me up on the offer here


I know this sounds suspiciously generous, but here is why I’m doing this.

It’s a matter of “fighting for a cause”. Me and my team strongly believe that natural approaches hold the key to ultimate health (both mental and physical) and ultimate success. We subscribe to the belief that we are entering a new era of human development -- and embracing the new tools available in order to go through the change victoriously. So, we are on a mission to help more people discover the approaches of Bioenergetics: a Holistic approach to health, which recently has been taking Europe by storm, but is only starting to make its way into the United States.


So, what do approaches of Bioenergetics look like?

Let me show you a quick example. I think this would be the best way to explain things (show, do not tell, right?

Do this quick exercise.

Sit back, get comfortable – think back on your life in general, then reflect on the situation that brought you to reading this article in the first place. Do not rush it. Let your mind paint different pictures for you, as it wonders through memories, events, questions, feelings…

Do you notice how your mind swings between “I need help with this” to “I’m perfectly fine”?

This is because you ARE perfectly fine – contrary to what we term “mainstream approach”: the “just do it”, the let-me-tell-you-what-is-wrong-with- you and how-to-fix-your-problems approach that is currently used.

The mainstream approach blames the victim – when in truth, if you COULD have things go differently, you most certainly would have. Blaming yourself holds no water here.

So who do you blame instances like, for example:

  • When you KNOW the right answer, but do not think about it until it’s a couple hours too late?
  • Or, when you HAVE MADE A COMITTMENT not to eat a certain thing in order to succeed on your fitness plan, but you do it anyway?
  • Or, you meet the right person you HAVE BEEN WANTING TO MEET (either professionally or personally) – but you can’t bring yourself to start a conversation and simply walk by?
  • When you WANT your home life to be different – but leave it as it is, day after day?
  • KNOW that you deserve to be treated better, but keep putting up with the same old crap day after day?
  • Feel stuck - no matter how hard you TRY to get something to give?
  • Feel like you're surrounded by idiots -- or, worse yet -- by aligators, no matter THE EFFORT you put into getting along with the right people?
  • Constantly feel triggered, despite your best effort to be NICE?
  • Feel overwhelmed, no matter WHAT you try to do about it?

... And so on...

🐉Me and my team call these DRAGONS: the hostile elements that you need to fight on the journey to becoming your best self by turning your life around and making your dreams a reality.

💥Bioenergetics calls them imbalances, blockages and disconnects.

Regardless of what you call these things, one point is clear: you do not blame yourself for dragons standing in your path – you pick up a sword and you learn how to fight them.

And you do not blame yourself for running into roadblocks, for having scars from past traumas or for missing important links: you find the links, you heal the scars and you learn how to resolve the roadblocks.

Main takeaway: there is nothing wrong with YOU. All you need to do is learn how to fight the dragons.

This is the main difference between the approach of Bioenergetics and the Mainstream moralist approach which is out to teach you how to make better choices and to better manage the less-than-favorable circumstances that these dragon keep dragging you into.

So, don’t kick yourself in the butt – kick the dragons’ butt!

Ready to join us in the battle?