Coffee, conversation -- and the latest in Holistic Psychology

We all can use some good human interaction. And, judging by the questions I've been getting, it looks like more and more people are getting increasingly interested in Holistic Psychology:

  • How do I get untuck and start moving towards my actual dreams?
  • Is this really procrastination... or does childhood trauma have something to do with this mental block?
  • Why does it feel like I'm always surrounded by pricks -- and what can I do about it?
  • You mean there is really a doable, comfortable solution to being stuck in this toxic relationship?

These are the types of questions that Holistic Psychology addresses and is effective in. And since it also focuses on rather arming the person with the right tools, so that they can affect the right change in their lives on their own -- as opposed to having to depend on a counselor or trust a therapist -- we feel that a good conversation on the subject is a great way we can bring a positive change in the world!

SO -- drum roll, please! 🥁🥁🥁😂:

🔥🔥We are organizing a FREE LADIES BRUNCH! 🔥🔥

Let's get together and have coffee, goodies – and a great conversation about Natural Medicine and the latest in Holistic Psychology.

(Chuck’s Fresh Market at Salmon Creek, April 25 at 12 noon – 1:30 pm)

We are organizing this brunch for two purposes:

1) to give likeminded people an opportunity to connect and have some quality fellowship

2) ...AND (me being a Holistic Practitioner in both Physical and Emotional Health) to share what’s available in terms of holistic approaches to dealing with emotional challenges... besides the good old stress reduction techniques and breathing exercises.

Our subject: The 7 Laws of Female Energy

You will get a sneak peak into how energy imbalances can stands behind our fatigue, burnouts, stress, depression – and even such things like feeling that you're losing the right grip on your relationship or simply tend to always feel misunderstood, or undervalued.

The event will include visiting, drinking coffee or tea, the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and a presentation on how to deal with mental/emotional challenges (stress, childhood trauma, being stuck, mental blocks, etc. etc., etc.) using somatic exercises and practices.

We will try some of these exercises hands on and you will walk away with new tips, insights and (hopefully) a clear idea on what steps you can take in order to start seeing positive change in whatever area of life you feel you can use it.

There will also be a drawing for a basket of holistic gifts.

Everyone’s welcome: no cost, no requirements, no catches. Hope you join us!

Register here 

(Chuck’s conference room holds a limited number of people, if/when we're at capacity the link will not be active)