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Candle Gift

Wondering what to give to your friends, family, or that special someone in your life? When it comes to gift-giving the receiver’s personality is very important. Is your friend someone who likes to enjoy life? Is he or she the sort of person who likes to “stop and smell the flowers?” Is he or she always stressed at work and want nothing more than to relax?

If you said yes to all of the above, then have we got the perfect gift idea for you! Aromatherapy candle gift sets are selling like hotcakes today. What with the ever-increasing popularity of natural products, enjoying the simple pleasures in life has never come into fuller play as it has today with aromatherapy candle gifts.

While we can’t offer you any specific ideas as to exactly what type of aromatherapy candle gifts you should give, we can, however, show you the steps in making sure that you are getting the right one. Several online places are currently selling aromatherapy candle gifts. Below are some of these sites, along with descriptions of the products they sell and the aromatherapy candle gifts they offer.


Wicksend is a Candles.com Company that specializes in selling all sorts of aromatherapy candle gifts for friends, family, and even yourself. Any type of aromatherapy candle gift, whatever, whichever – whether they are pillar candles, floating candles, taper candles, beeswax candles, wedding candles, votives, or tealights, Wicksend has it. All their aromatherapy candle gifts are scented and hand-poured by skilled artisans. Only the finest quality blend of waxes and rich fragrant oils are used for their aromatherapy candle gifts that when lit, they are sure to make nice, steady flames and fragrant aromas.


Whoever heard of candles that dance? Well, you’re right, candles don’t dance but when you get one of the nifty aromatherapy candle gifts from CandleDance.com, you are sure to find yourself dancing even if you have two left feet. CandleDance’s collection of aromatherapy candle gifts are true aromatherapy soy candles. They are all made of all natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils.


Gifts always come in boxes. That’s the general rule. But hey, you know what they say, rules are meant to be broken. So gifts in boxes? Not in GourmetGiftBaskets! The aromatherapy candle gifts available in this website are not – nope, definitely not – placed in boxes. Instead, they are placed inside beautiful, hand-woven wicker baskets painted in colors that match the items they contain. How’s that for aesthetics!

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