A Twist on Aromatherapy You May Not Be Considering

A Twist on Aromatherapy You May Not Be Considering

With the advent of Essential Oil about 10 years ago, we all know the basics: yes, they work. Yes, they stimulate the olfactory nerve that is connected straight to our brain and can thus regulate emotions and physical responses (to pathogens (aka viruses and bacteria, environmental toxins, etc.)

But I want to invite those of us, who are old enough to remember the pre-DoTerra and Young Living times. Most people back then thought essential oils were a hoax, and we all were nothing but NUTS for buying them. Remember? Who turned out to be right, uh?

However, let's also face this fact: this makes the science and practice of essential oils and aromatherapy in the United States only about10 years old. Compare it to the legacy of knowledge, trial and error passed down for generations and centuries of practice in other countries where it has always been "mainstream medicine". We have a lot to learn. A LOT to learn.

So. let's continue the legacy the wonderful pioneer companies have boldly launched 10 years ago, and build on this foundation. 

For my part, I have completed an in-depth Aromatherapy trainings from one of the leading practitioners in India. This does not give me  a certification paper that I can post, or for an approval by the FDA -- but it does give me a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience to add to the Natural Medicine certifications that I do have. (Still not endorsed by  the FDA. Or the CIA. Or CNN. Oh, well) Consider it Continuing Education. I am after RESULTS -- this is what matters to me. Effective, easy, and safe RESULTS.

It also helped me forge great partnerships with other Aromatherapy practitioners. 

You are welcome to look through the articles we share.  One thing that unites them all: the facts, approaches and information has been checked by professionals and found valid.  It is true and safe to use (minding the precautions, if any are shared in any of the particular articles). No quacks here.



So what is the "twist" that you may not have considered?

A) There is a LOT more to learn about Aromatherapy than distributors are able to share with you

B) You need vetted experts, not just enthusiasts, to get best results

C) Yes, it works. You just need to do it right. If it hasn't worked for you, you are not doing something right. Please see A and B

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