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Aromatherapy Scent

In some points in our lives, we all have experienced a certain memory recall elicited by a particular scent. Perhaps it was the scent of a favorite flower, or the perfume your friend used to wear. Whatever it is, the event can definitely produce positive or negative memories as it has the capacity to trigger such kind of thoughts of a certain person or place in the past. This is basically the truth that can prove the role played by a scent in our lives which is pretty deep and in some ways, unique to each of us.

The aromatherapy scent is one of so many things that can bring certain change in our lives. It is basically derived from some aromatic substances that are greatly used for therapeutic purposes, aiming at improving the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Simply stated, the aromatherapy scents are those that are greatly found in a number of magical essential oils, which are employed to make us feel good.

Generally, the aromatherapy scents are derived from the plant kingdom. It then includes the flowers, resins, roots, herbs, and trees that can be added to certain base oil for a direct application to the skin, or perhaps a bath, or through olfaction. The aromatherapy scents may even be burned or diffused throughout the air for us to inhale. And, it is in this ways that most of the experts in this field of therapeutic natural practice have considered the aromatherapy scents as one of the best elements in ceremonial practices that involve healing, protection, purification, anointing, improvement of psychic abilities, and even attracting love.

Below are a few of the aromatherapy scents that are commonly employed in some aromatic treatments these days.

* Bergamot – This aromatherapy scent is primarily derived from the peel of a bergamot orange which makes it refreshing and citrusy. This has been considered as one of the most essential aromatherapy scents as it is widely employed for treating anxiety, tension, and stress. Many have even claimed that this aromatherapy scent has the power to sharpen the senses to help you think clearly.
* Geranium – This is but another notable aromatherapy scent that is derived from the leaves of the geranium flowering plant. It has a rich sweet rose-like fragrance which then makes it very famous among many aromatherapists. The main use of this aromatherapy scent is for depression and PMS, while it is also said to boost the spirits and calm the nerves.
* Lavender – This is the most widely used aromatherapy scents. Just like the bergamot, the lavender is commonly used for stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. And, many have claimed that this is also potent for insomnia and for boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Many have even applied this aromatherapy scent for headaches.

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