Women's Club Membership

Women's Club Membership

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Covers a wide variety of topics that can help every woman on the road of life:

è STRESS MANAGEMENT: Discover natural stress reduction techniques

è RELATIONSHIPS: Navigate complex/toxic relationship dynamics, attract the right men and/or learn to build a strong, rewarding marriage

è COOKING SCHOOL: Explore healthy cuisine and cooking

è NATURAL BEAUTY AND FACE YOGA: Learn the secrets of natural anti-aging

è NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS: Lose weight naturally and finally keep it off with System Minus 45

è HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Learn holistic tips, tools, and techniques for nurturing a healthy home


·       We will have one ONLINE, LIVE meeting scheduled once a week (I’m thinking evenings, but we can take a vote on this as well). The recording of the full video will be sent whether you attend or not.

·       Then, the entire week the chat will be open for questions, input and other discussion – similar to Facebook comments (weigh-in-when-you-have-time type of thing – BUT a lot more organized: we have an app for that 😊)

·       You will also receive “homework”: I will share exercises and practices (similar to the one we did today, plus other ways to “change the swings” of the architypes – and we will discuss the results, difficulties and achievements in the group

·       I LIKE REWARDS. And I can’t help throwing one in here: we will keep points count, and at the end of three month, a person with the greatest positive life change will receive and Shopping Therapy Gift card (That’s the one that has Nordstrom and similar stores on it)