System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM
System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM

System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss - ONE-ON-ONE LIVE COACHING PROGRAM

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With System Minus 45, you can lose 45 lbs. in 45 weeks1 without deprivation, cravings, hunger, or going to the gym.

Just imagine – if you weigh 200 lbs. now, before next summer, you could be weighing 155 lbs. and fitting into your old bikinis! And, all while continuing to enjoy your favorite foods, too!

Over the years, I have helped the people I work with – people just like you –double or triple their results.

Others often say that “it’s all about the journey,” but… honestly, I’m a very practical person. At the end of the day, it's not about the process – it's about getting the result that you want.

But here’s the thing: no matter how hard you try, calorie-counting and strenuous exercise will not work IF YOUR METABOLISM IS OUT OF BALANCE.

As a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and Holistic Practitioner, I will guide you through the ins and outs of how metabolism works, and introduce you to how to harness these processes to your benefit.

System Minus 45 will teach you how to dial in the metabolic processes that will keep you both slim and healthy. Ultimately, by the end of the program, you will be able to just let these powerful, natural processes work on autopilot as you get on with life and keep the weight off! 

Each step of the 3-stage, 9-step journey is designed for systematic impact:


STAGE 1 - Awaken NTFBM: Night Time Fat Burn Mechanism, a little-known metabolic process that makes you lose weight while you sleep (Yes, there is such a thing!). Learn the basics of the approach and establish a foundation for controlling the factors that contribute to your weight loss (or gain). Learn how to listen to your body and use its signals properly to control your weight. Establish a system for getting slim and learn how to monitor your weight changes (as small as .2 lb a day) to know EXACTLY when you do something that jeopardizes your efforts. Commit to following this system and see continual decrease in weight (at least .2 lb/week)

STAGE 2 - Fine-tune the NTFBM. Trouble-shoot any areas that you may find challenging. Assure that NTFBM is working consistently. Establish (and maintain) the goal of losing at least 1 lb a week and monitor the process. Learn about additional tools that can help with weight loss. Start making the first Kaizen changes. Determine your metabolic type and learn how it contributes to your weight loss or gain, learn to harness its power.

STAGE 3 - Create an energy arsenal: make sure your body has enough resources to run the metabolic processes needed for weight loss. Learn how your psychological background is playing into your physical appearance. Discuss the possibility of the effects of past trauma unto your weight gain physically (by triggering specific metabolic processes) and behaviorally (by causing you to calm stress with sugar, for example) - and fix the related problems (the frequently omitted step) 

STAGE 4 - Establish and begin to harness the power of other weight regulating metabolic processes (e.g. the carbo-lipoid cycle which regulates the process of carbs turning into fat or energy in our body)


STAGE 5 – Fire up your fat-burning engines – yes, your body is already equipped with the, and I will help you discover what they are! This will remain a secret until Step 5! This is where your day time weight loss is going to kick-in as well!

STAGE 6 – Optimize your lifestyle... without changing it. Put an end to cravings by fixing the metabolic triggers that cause them in the first place. (At this point, we've been working on this through finetuning other processes. Now it's time to focus on the cravings full time put an end to the battle -- victoriously)

STAGE 7 – Make your digestion and elimination processes work together to get rid of the extra weight. This is where you overall health and longevity come in as well


STAGE 8 – Finalize the results and polish the remaining bulky areas for a picture - perfect body

STAGE 9 – Make sure this never happens again:  finetune your lifestyle to help you stay slim, have lots of energy and live a lot longer.


Experience the System Minus 45 difference:

  • Achieve the MOST results, with the LEAST discomfort. 
    Say goodbye to the frustration that comes with extreme restrictions, forcing willpower, and other major changes – we will be working WITH your body… not against it.

  • NOT a diet, NOT a pill, NOT a workout
    Created by a certified holistic coach, this is a systematic, science-based approach.
  • The ONLY program that helps you outsmart bad genetics
    Created based on the latest in-depth metabolic studies and science of Natural Medicine, this program is designed to reset your metabolism.
  • Simple, step-by-step, and supported
    Because we use the Kaizen approach of making 1% improvements every day, you'll find yourself going from “I can barely walk” to “I can run a mile” effortlessly. 
  • Side effects? AMAZING health and an overall better life.
    Not only will you lose the weight and finally keep it off for good, but because this program is grounded on a holistic approach, you’ll feel and perform better as well. Some ‘side effects’ include: overcoming health issues (sore joints, bad back, blood sugar issues, etc.), looking younger, boosting your energy, focus, and productivity… the list goes on!
  • Flexibility to take it 1 step at a time
    If you want to take the plunge but can’t quite commit to the full program just yet, this no-obligation subscription option allows you to pay-as-you-go monthly and cancel anytime with just 1 click.


  ▶️Our goal in this module is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.



  • After you sign up, we will schedule our introductory session, and I will meet with you in a video conference. (This is a chance for us to get to know each other, as well as time set aside for diagnostics and the overall discussion of the issue)
  • I will leave you with some homework: journaling, exercises, assessments and tests to take, etc.
  • I will be checking in a couple times per week for questions on the above
  • I will also be sending you additional materials to read or watch, if needed (in most cases it is)
  • When we meet again, we will discuss progress and go to the next step

Each module includes UNLIMITED DIALOG WITH THE COACH:  CHAT +RESOURCES+ 2 ZOOM MEETINGS 🦉Unless you're 100% sure that your problem is small, and all you need is a quick-once-over and everything will be resolved in 4 weeks or less, I encourage you to subscribe: you can cancel at any time, but that way you will get your first month at a discount


1This refers to AVERAGE results. People with underlying health problems (thyroid disorders, diabetes, extremely overweight) may move through the program slower, while others may achieve their results a lot faster.


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