Demystifying Bad Luck: The Ultimate Way of Finding Life's Direction | Interactive Self Guided Module
Demystifying Bad Luck: The Ultimate Way of Finding Life's Direction | Interactive Self Guided Module
Demystifying Bad Luck: The Ultimate Way of Finding Life's Direction | Interactive Self Guided Module
Demystifying Bad Luck: The Ultimate Way of Finding Life's Direction | Interactive Self Guided Module

Demystifying Bad Luck: The Ultimate Way of Finding Life's Direction | Interactive Self Guided Module

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If it feels like you’ve tried everything... and you still seem to know more about life than all those gurus and therapists...

If you find yourself oscillating between feeling like you're perfectly fine and like your world is about to collapse...

If you have this nagging feeling that something's gotta give, but are not sure what this "something" is...

If you're ready to find a solution to ending chaos and gaining full control of what's going on in your life...

And if you've read every self-improvement book out there, only to run into the same old rehash of things you already know, and are ready for a new perspective, this thing is definitely for you.

You can call this an interactive e-book, a course, a therapy module, a self-administered life coaching unit... we call this a VIBE: Virtual Interactive eBook Experience. It's like reading a book -- complete with videos, exercises and other integrative elements, to create a fun, easy experience.

Demystifying Bad Luck's Self-guided module can help you find your life's direction and answer questions that most people struggle with, but so far have been writing off as "questions that have no solutions":
...from why do I seem to be surrounded by idiots all the time -- to how to get un-stuck -- to what do I need to do now, because what I have is obviously not working.

In other words, the VIBE is dedicated to helping you find the right direction in life in order to make your situation better (and a lot better) by answering the ultimate "bad luck question": Why am I like this -- and where do I go from here.



Have you found yourself chalking it all up to “BAD LUCK” so far in your life?

Or maybe you're wondering if your situation is one of those that have no solution?

Wondering what is the right step to take and constantly second-guessing your plan of action?

 This book can help you find life’s direction and discover the answers.

Sounds like a tall order? Well, I’m not kidding.


In this book we will answer such questions as:

  • I am stuck in this situation/relationship where I feel unappreciated, dismissed, put down and invalidated -- but I cannot leave. What do I do?

  • I think I am decent person. Why do I feel that nobody likes me?
  • I seem to always do the wrong thing when it comes to challenging moments... Or so they say. Is this me or them?  

  • I know what I need to do, and it looks like I have all the resources that I need to accomplish the goal. What is holding me back, and how come I cannot get past point go?

  • Why is it, that as soon as I get my head above the water, something always happens to set me back?

  • Why does it seem that people with less skill, less abilities and worse character get promoted and get ahead, and I always seem to get left behind, despite my best effort and what I have going for me?

  • How am I supposed to get along with people around me who seem to do everything to irritate me, and when our natures are downright non-compatible?

  • How am I supposed to get ahead when all the circumstances are against me?

By reading this book you will:

  • Gain a clear idea of what you need to do in order to solve or improve your current situation

  • Understand the dynamics behind the specific negative events in your life

  • Get a sneak peak into what's holding you back, and how come you haven't been able to get off point go despite your talents and determination

  • Understand how come people who are less talented than you seem to have better luck in their life and/or career -- and how to change these dynamics
  • Find out who to blame for bad luck -- and why "not blaming anybody" is a bad mistake

  • Learn why you tend to feel like you're surrounded by down-right insufferable people all the time
  • Learn the 3 steps that will get you out of any negative predicament
  • Create a chart of bad luck and demystify its dynamics
  • Learn the importance of valuing how you feel
  • Gain an understanding of why you oftentimes cannot see the answers for your specific situation clearly enough, and what to do about this
  • Learn why you feeling stressed, depressed or out of place could be a result of you suppressing a part of your inborn potential and how to unlock it
  • Why we don't always have a choice -- contrary to popular belief, and how to approach these situations
  • Get a sneak-peak into how your childhood experiences and hidden childhood trauma are affecting your adult life, reactions and even events
  • Discover the 3 "dragons" that are ruining your life
  • Discover your inner child and the importance of being yourself
  • Learn where you may have been going wrong in judging yourself - and how it is affecting your present success and well-being
  • Get a sneak peak into holistic anger management and learn why trying to suppress the rebel in you is a very wrong thing to do, and what you should be doing instead
  • Learn the dynamics behind why some people irritate you -- and a simple trick to stop this stress
  • Learn the steps you need to take in order to heal your deep emotional wounds and put to use your true potential

...Just to scratch the surface!



The VIBE comes complete with a complimentary video session with the author:  this free virtual meeting is there for you to ask questions that may have arose while you were reading the book -- and also as the next step of creating a mind map of your specific situation and an overall plan of action of where to go from there.(You are given the link to schedule it at the end of the book)

Get the tools you need to resolve problems and move forward! Find clarity and start transforming your life today! After purchase you will receive the link to the interactive e-book, which you can read on any device.

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