Instant Calm

Instant Calm "Music Pill" -- Self-Soothing Binaural Track

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Just like smells can affect our entire body chemistry by stimulating the olfactory nerve in our nose, SOUNDS do the same thing --by stimulating the nerves responsible for the hearing, which, then, transmit the impulse to the entire nervous system, casing a cascade of neurochemicals to be released.

Instant Calm is a binaury tune, which uses both the high and the low pitch notes at the same time to stimulate the corresponding parts of the brain. 

But this is theory :) The practice is in the effect this stimulation produces:

  • It prevents overthinking.  Your mind will go into a "pause", allowing you to take a break from mauling over the hurtful remarks, unacceptable behaviors, loss, etc (whatever it may be that you have been upset and hurt by)
  • It calms down the nerve system and lowers or eliminates that worked up feeling of "rage".
  • It re-balances neurochemicals, thus preventing --or,, at least, pre-empting -- the depressive feeling that is usually experienced with you are "coming down" from the state of rage

To use: 
Unless you are alone, use headphones to block out all other outside interferences (like, possible stupid ass comments from your partner). If at all possible, go into a different room and shut the door. If not possible, close your eyes
- Relax and listen. Tell your mind to let go and calm down. Laying down is recommended, sitting in a comfortable position will work as well. If you are experienced with yoga, a meditation pose is also a good option.