Hello, everyone!

I am Helena - the founder and the main coach of this program.

I want to personally welcome you and I am sincerely rooting for your success.

I am on a personal mission to bust the myths associated with weight loss, and to help people discover how things REALLY work: the way God and Nature have intended them.

In case you have missed this (depending on how and where you've found this program), there are different formats to System Minus 45: there is a Kindle ebook, and INTERACTIVE ebook (aka VIBE), which has videos and other additional elements, and then there is a live program with zoom discussions and a support group. Needless to say, the live version is where you get a continuing, hands-on support -- BUT I want the readers of the static versions to get at least some benefit of the ability to have their their questions answered: our bodies are complex things, AND everyone is different, so when it comes to "how it REALLY works", I am sure questions will arise.


So, this is your chance:

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Please understand that with this option being open free to all, I am not able to answer ALL of the questions personally in detail. However, I will answer SOME OF THEM - so please watch your email. Other questions I combine together (since many are similar in nature) and create forum posts, where I discuss the answers.  You will get a link to your email, and these posts will also appear on my Facebook page. Please be patient -- it ma take a couple of weeks for the answer to your question to appear.  (If you don't want to wait, you may want to consider the live program)

Another reason to follow the Facebook page is because there I will also post additional explainer videos, recipies, excerpts from the cooking school, and a lot of other useful stuff! There, you will also be able to learn from the questions and experiences of others. Visit the Facebook page here

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