Integrative Psychologist, Somatic Exercises and Practices Instructor, Holistic Life Navigator, Certified Functional Medicine Relationships Coach

I help women regain their SELF, sanity and control in life by healing their scars, resolving chaos, ending stress and learning to discover and put to use their inner potential – and then use it to create the relationships that they need and deserve and get the love that they need.

I also help women in challenging relationships productively answer difficult questions and effectively face difficult situations: stop put downs and/or dismissive behaviors, help their partner end cheating, infidelity or constant going out with friends, teach their partner how to treat them with respect, love and nurture, and so on.

I will teach you how to use the latest holistic psychology methods and approaches to both restore yourself and help your partner heal and/or grow.

I will also help you heal by guiding you gently to understanding and then properly handling your emotional wounds, avoiding future mistakes and developing the right life skills, emotional defenses and winning qualities for success both in relationships and in life in general.



I offer Telehealth visits,
Walk-and-Talk and Over-a-cup-of-coffee therapy (Portland-Vancouver, WA area)


I don't like to take on clients without first making sure that I can help you achieve the results that you want.
If you’re interested in the services, start by booking a


During this virtual session I offer an in-depth discussion of your circumstances, answers to your questions
and (if needed) a diagnostic test to help pinpoint the dynamics of your situation.

I will also explain your options and answer organizational questions that will help you select an option that suits your needs and your budget best (for example, what Walk-and-Talk therapy is, or where the heck is Amboy, WA 😅)

These intakes can take up to 45 min, if we get into a good coversation. However you're always welcome to cut the conversation short and skip straight to scheduling.


You can also browse
the problem-specific workshops

that we offer:
These workshops address a specific situation in life that you’re trying to resolve and each will include live sessions
with the counselor, a set of somatic exercises/practices developed to solve that particular problem and supplemental
materials for further research and support.

Please refer to the workshop description for the duration of each workshop: they are based on the specific algorithms
designed to achieve the results in each of the situations
, and therefore the length will vary.

and aren’t ready to commit to working with it yet,
I highly recommend you start with my


(The format is easy to follow – it’s like reading an interactive book, and this course is guaranteed to not only help
you familiarize yourself with the method -- and also REDUCE the number of instances when you find yourself
on the receiving end of bad luck. No, I'm not kidding.
Yes, this is a promise and a guarantee!



Women have superpowers. Some of us just don’t know what they are and how to use them yet.

These are the superpowers of being a healer, a powerful motivational leader and inspirer, and of being the bringer of a positive change.

Throughout history, many wars have been won by heroes going into battle for the women they loved. Many lands were conquered by kings in the name of their queen. Such is the power of women: we are historically, generationally, and genetically empowered with distinct female energy that makes us uniquely qualified leaders, be it at work or at home

Think of a powerful queen: She has an enormous depth of insight into what is best for the entire nation. She is self-assured, goal oriented and possesses great clarity of thinking. She is endowed with freedom of thought and choice, with dignity, generosity and mercy. And she rules… not by fighting wars or hewing stones, but rather by directing the king to spearhead all these things. This is the epidemy of female energy in action.

So, how did we go from that… to always feeling run down, overworked, torn between work and home life… to feeling like we have no power at all over the circumstances we get caught up in BECAUSE of being a woman?

I personally believe that embracing feminism is where we made a wrong turn. Feminism was simply the wrong answer – an overcorrection in response to what happened in the dark ages when the forces of darkness were able to overtake and control public opinion to the point of convincing the society that women were somehow inferior, a weak and helpless breed and without any notable significance in the chain of events in life.

Eventually it became obvious that this was not true, and that unless something was done about the dynamics, the human civilization was headed for a fatal crash and a catastrophe. But in our quick attempt to turn things around, we have overcorrected: feminism has led us to turn our backs on this unique female energy. We have mistakenly come to believe that the only way to flourish and lead was to mimic men – to become equal to them in every way, including doing their jobs for them and taking everything upon ourselves… as they are left with nothing else to worry about, but to sit on the couch, watch TV and drink beer.

It's time to get back on theright path… before we face another fatal crash!

… and we can use these superpowers to turn things around in our lives – and even in the world around us.

It's time to step into our true power, not as equals to men, not as mute servants, but as the right leaders: embracing our feminine energy and using it to bring about a positive change.

We often hear this adage: “you cannot control what other people do.”


I see people controlling “what other people do” all day long. It would be very naïve to believe that advertising does not control our buying choices. That political newscasts do not control how we feel about the events and consequently what we’re going to do about them (ignore, support, donate to, etc.) That the parents negative example in the ghettos does not affect their children’s path in life. And so on.

This form of negative control is easier to see. (A brain fact, by the way). But look: good, bad or indifferent, these examples show that it IS possible to control what other people do. And the opposite is, indeed also true: good parenting does pay off and helps the children make winning choices in life. Good buyer guides do steer us towards more affordable or better quality products.

You see, controlling what other people do in one’s own selfish, personal-gain-oriented interests is called manipulation. Controlling what other people do to help THEIR OWN BETTER INTERESTS is called inspiration, motivation and the right leadership.

Women, by the virtue of our intuitive and feeling nature, have a better ability to foresee where choices lead: a more subtle way to detect danger in bad choices, a better insight of possibly overlooked gain in good choices – and the intuitive ability to know the difference.

Remember the queen? Now with the help of bioenergetics we know that our DNA stores not only physical, physiological information for our body. It also stores emotional, energetic information. And just like we all inherit two eyes and two feet (for example) thanks to our DNA memory, we also inherit what we term in somatic psychology the archetypes: psychological patterns that come with certain strengths, skills and abilities. So remember: we have the archetype, the “emotional gene” of a queen in all of us!

Taking all this in the context of relationships, what if we, as women, had the ability to foresee when our partner is doing something that is not helpful (to put it mildly) to his happiness, emotional wellbeing or success?

What if we could see him using defense mechanisms that do not work, and cause mor damage than they prevent – while he is being blind to this? What if we could literally feel the behaviors that are destructive, unproductive and damaging to the relationships as a whole – and spot them while our partner is clueless to the effect that his actions are producing?

 And, most importantly, what if we had the superpower to CHANGE all this for the better?

Guess what? I think you already know the answer. WE DO!


Let’s discover our female energy superpowers and use them for inspiration, motivation and the right leadership first to help
our partner and fix our own relationship. Then, this will change the world, one happy couple at a time.


Discover and awaken the good queen inside of you – and put her to work in order for your kingdom (aka your family, friends -- or your business or organization)
to become the most prosperous kingdom around!


  • Learn how to find, awaken and present your best self on all levels: emotional, social, physical (as in your outward appearance and bodily shape) and financial
  • Achieve your life-long dreams through becoming more organized and productive: reconnecting with your true self, discovering your unique strength and potential, and improving your odds of winning in any life’s situation.
  • Set yourself and/or your partner free from childhood trauma using Liz Bourbeax’s Emotional Freedom method.
  • Win back your partner after a break-up (without nagging, begging, blowing up his phone, love spells or any other BS tactics)
  • Heal after a betrayal OR restore your relationship after infidelity using The Gottman method.
  • Save your marriage by solving disagreements and re-kindling the old spark.
  • Discover the reasons and driving forces behind your mental blocks, poor choices or mind fog using the Internal Family System’s approach.
  • Successfully manage a high-stress relationship (whether you’re trying to stay or leave): narcissistic dynamics, emotional stonewalling, put downs, devaluing, lack of emotional freedom,etc.
  • Help your partner heal and overcome destructive and abusive behaviors: successfully battle alcohol dependency, stop and prevent abuse, stop narcissistic dynamics in your relationship using Kim Cooper’s Narcissism Cured Method
  • Learn how to navigate, manage and be in control of high conflict situations. Establish healthy boundaries and learn how to say NO without feeling guilty or sinking into self-doubt.
  • Establish or improve communication: stop the conversations that keep going in circles, create conversations that move you towards resolving an issue, stop or prevent verbal and emotional abuse.
  • Learn how to build a relationship to satisfy your unmet emotional needs: stop being a “savior” whose only purpose is to feed an emotional vampire – or being in a “responsible position” (that’s when ANYTHING goes wrong for ANY reason, you’re being help responsible) – or staying in a relationship only for the sake of the kids or to uphold religious/ethical beliefs using Somatic Mind-Mapping method.
  • Stop resentment (on both sides)—as well as the feelings of being neglected, unheard, undervalued or not understood.
  • Learn how to bounce back after breakdowns, resolve chaos and restore love. Feel wanted again and learn how to set yourself free from the baggage of previous relationships.
  • Get down to the root cause of the any problem or tough situation at hand using The 16 Associations method.
  • Learn how to get your partner to help and do his part in the relationship. Resolve the roles game and achieve true equality
  • Get solid control over your family’s finances using the approach of The Energy of Money method
  • Learn how to change destructive dynamics in your relationship: get him to listen to your feelings, mind your boundaries, stop annoying habits (such as nagging, suspiciousness, or intolerance to the friends you’re with or the things you choose to do
  • Get him to teat you right: notice what you do, acknowledge what you sacrifice, be thankful for your help… and, of course LOVE YOU, not just enjoy your company for himself. (Notice how I’m not saying “find someone who will”?)
  • Create a roadmap to a solution using the approach of Neurographics