System Minus 45 (Natural Weight Loss)


Lose 45 lb. in 45 weeks using this natural approach


So, let's put this into perspective:

If you weight 200 lb. now, by this time next year you are going to weight 155.

This means you are going to fit into your old skinny dresses… and STAY that way. This is the beauty of the Natural approach: it may take longer, but the results indeed are permanent. And most importantly, there is no deprivation, hunger or gym torture involved.


I am a Holistic Coach and a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. (You can review my credential hereWhen I started my holistic medical studies, I was absolutely shocked by HOW LITTLE of the information about how our metabolism works is shared with the general public. Don't get me wrong here: I am not fixing to start talking about some kind of diet tricks out there that are "secret" or "hidden", "covered with the cloak of conspiracy" type of hype -- the right information is out there for the taking, but it's just not talked about much for some reason.

When it comes to weight loss, what do 98% of all sources talk about? Eating less and counting calories. Well, turns out to be, the calorie factor is only a small fraction -- like. 1%-2% of what happens in our bodies. What about stress - isn't it a known factor in weight gain? Medication? Hormones? Other physiological (metabolic) processes that determine how food turns to fat, to muscle or to energy in our bodies (such as ketosis, glycolysis, or KREBs cycle - to name just the most known)? Do you see the disconnect here? No wonder that I meet so many people who have spent hundreds of dollars on diets and programs, HAVE DONE EVERYTHING THEY COULD THINK OF (including eating less, btw) - and are still not able to lose weight!

This is why I have put together these programs.


In this section, you will find the coaching programs and other tools that I use to help you achieve your goals by leveraging the "built in" tendencies of our metabolism - which are aimed to maintain optimal shape and health that are essential for survival.

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