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😂😂Where there is weightloss, there are also gotta be recipes!😂😂
Somehow, healthy and natural eating has gotten a bad rap: "health food" is associated with bland tastes, dry textures and other forms of deprivation.
Leave it to me, but I think this is a conspiracy 😂

It is a proven fact, that our taste buds are built in tools, designed to guide us towards the foods that are most beneficial for us. Read this again. (If this wasn't so, the human race would have have survived, by the way), Another proven fact is that prolonged deprivation from enjoyment designed to be derived from food leads to anxiety, anger, poor judgement, and even some clinical ailments.

Here, you will find the recipes where "good" and "good for you" mean the same thing. And the better -- the better. Also, I will teach you how to cook from scratch in this busy modern world: I work full time and run a business, and if I can do it, so can you!