God doesn’t make mistakes: Nature is perfect

God doesn’t make mistakes: Nature is perfect

This is the foundational principle of our philosophy. Leaving the philosophical debate behind, regardless of whether you feel that Creation came to be though billions of years of trial and error, or by design of an all-loving, infinitely wise and well-intended being, we all will have to agree: it has been optimized for survival and evolutionary progress pretty well.

While mainstream science seems to focus on the heights of achievement human intellect can reach, holistic science aims to study and discover the natural laws and mechanism behind this Creation. We feel that we cannot invent a better approach than what creation holds already (for the reasons pointed out in the previous paragraph). All we need to do is discover them and apply them to our benefit.

You know how you often find yourself swinging between I’m perfectly fine” to “I need help”, and between “I know the answers” to “My life is in chaos”?

And no answers that you’re able to find seem satisfactory?

This is because the mainstream approach aims to offer you solutions aimed at changing or improving YOU.

Our belief is that YOU’VE BEEN CREATED GOOD ENOUGH. God doesn’t make mistakes / a few billions of survival work weren’t for nothing. There is nothing to improve about YOU. What you need to do is discover the things that stand in your way of being who you are, things that derail your efforts to do the good that you want to do and trick you into doing the things that you hate.



Ah, that feeling of triumph:
Suddenly you see the answers. Suddenly, all doubts, uncertainty and obstacles fade away – and you have this “YES I CAN” feeling. Suddenly you KNOW what you need to do, you see the path, and you’re certain that you can pull it off – because you KNOW how to pull it off

You know this feeling, right?
Our mission is to help you achieve it – in whatever area of your life it may be.
Core change instead of Issue Management


Mainstream approaches tend to focus on issue management. We focus on transformational change.


If you struggle with anger, for example, mainstream approach would offer you tools, tricks, and hacks to help you control your anger.

A holistic approach will look into WHY you get angry in the first place.

If you struggle with weight gain, a mainstream approach would tell you to stay away from chocolate and pizza.

A holistic approach will look into WHY you crave these things in the first place, and how to fix the imbalance

If you suffer from frequent headaches, mainstream approach will prescribe you medication to alleviate the symptom

A holistic approach will try to understand what’s causing your headaches in the first place



🐉Look at the root of the problem

🐉Do not blame the victim

🐉You’re beautiful by being who you are – sometimes you simply need to find a solution

🐉Fix things by finding a solution intended by Nature – you won’t be able to beat it

🐉Good things are intended for us: they are our gifts, not a reason for guilt trips

🐉All things are connected: the holistic approach is the answer

No ads that take over everything. No rehash of common sense BS. ONLY Proprietary, seldom shared facts and to-the-point arguments