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In the spirit of what therapists typically do, I was going to offer you a free initial consultation. But then, I remembered the wisdom that my mother shared with me a long time ago -- and I am still thankful that she did:



So, if I am trying to help my clients get out of the traps and vicious circles that our modern life so frequently entangles us in… WHY in the wide world would I use THAT approach?


💡I think I have a better idea...

But first, a few words on the approach that we use.

(At Triumph Over Gray we are a team of Holistic Psychologists, and we use the approaches of Acmeology. Bioenergetics and Emotional Imaging. You can learn more about the approach from this playlist, as well as by visiting our About and Our Philosophy sections)

Bioenergetics has been taking over Europe like a storm, but it is just starting to come into the United States.

It is a science that combines the general approaches of the modern psychology, the legacy of holistic medicine and the newly initiated research of how our subconsciousness is affected by emotional trauma (which often occurs in our childhood, that being a very vulnerable age), and the role it plays in unlocking our inner potential, thus enabling us to achieve what we want in life.

The results so far have been amazing. Bioenergetics claims to hold a key to why we feel the way we do, why we tend to attract negative events into our lives, how we react – and, most importantly, how to change these patterns and dynamics, using psychosomatic connections between our physical  body and our subconscious mind.

Psychologists in Europe are optimistic that this new, emerging methodology may offer a permanent resolution not only for the people who struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, brain fog and other limiting conditions, but also for less debilitating – but not any less undesirable -- conditions, such as lack of motivation, underperformance and underachievement, difficulty forming relationships, social anxiety and the like.


Needless to say, I am on a mission to broaden awareness of this new approach, which literally has been working miracles –



So here is my offer:

In the section referenced below, you will find different
workshops and coaching modules
 in which you will likely find the answers and solutions for the challengesthat you're facing in life right now

(They address most common problems that I hear my clients bring up as the areas of concern:

...trying to find motivation and rekindle their interest in life...
   ...dealing with verbal abuse – or their own anger...
...trying to make sense of a long term relationship falling apart (or even turning toxic)...
   ...juggling work and home life as working mother...
...feeling stuck and going in circles instead of reaching one’s goals,

and so on.)


It's hard to sit back, when I know for a fact that now we finally have an effective remedy for these.

In an effort to get the word out about this approach, we are keeping our prices as low as possible already… but here is the promised gift from me to you, as I mentioned:

If you enter the code Xstress at the checkout, you will get the modules for less than half the price (60% off, to be precise)… which means that you can get
5 days on coaching
(with full interaction and
all THERAPY TOOLS included)…
for $20-some bucks.

Hurry – this offer can be taken down without any further notice!😜


Alternately, just feel free to book a one-on-one consultation with me below: