Metabolic Typing Test

Metabolic Typing Test

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No diet is the right diet for everyone. The right diet for YOU is the one that fits YOUR METABOLISM. The Metabolic Typing Test is based on a questionnaire that runs on a complex program that prioritizes and weighs each one of your answers. The test can be completed in 30 minutes and the results include your Metabolic Type Report and a Personalized Metabolic Type Eating Plan.

The plan is based on your metabolic type and includes a list of 359 food items that are exactly right for you and their relative food proportions; how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats to have in each meal. By knowing your proper macronutrient ratios, you can forget about counting calories or weighing food quantities. The Metabolic Type Report also includes a list of the foods you should avoid.

What you get

After completing the questionnaire, you will get the following materials ready to save and print:

Metabolic Type Report

This report includes the results of your assessment and describes your personal and unique Metabolic Type. It also shows how the different systems in your body are balanced and how to compare the current results to future tests, in this way you will be able to chart your progress.

Personalized Metabolic Type Eating Plan

This is the main result of your test. It contains a list of 349 foods items that are perfect for you as well as the foods that you should avoid. The list was generated based on your Metabolic Type.

The purpose of this test is to determine your metabolic type and then help you identify the right foods for your body type and the right proportions for your meals --  so that you do not have to worry about portion size or calories. You will learn how much protein you will need in relation to the carbohydrates that you take as well as the correct proportion of fats, and which foods are beneficial for you, along with the ones you need to avoid or eat sparingly.

At the end of this test you will receive:

  • Your metabolic type
  • Your oxidation type (whether you’re a fast or a slow oxidizer – which would determine how fast you burn calories and thus how you should structure your diet)
  • The proportions of macronutrients that you need to eat in order to lose weight

What is Metabolic Typing and what are its benefits?

Metabolic Typing is a nutrition program based on your specific metabolic needs, which are unique and genetically determined. It is a way to prepare your meals according to your Metabolic Type. Once you identify what your Metabolic Type is, you will know what the best foods for you are, and what are the foods that you should avoid. Metabolic Typing also reveals your ideal macronutrient proportion (proteins-carbohydrates-fats) and consequently, the most natural way to lose weight without counting calories or measuring portions. Metabolic Typing is about eating according to your real metabolic needs.

The benefits of Metabolic Typing include:

Natural weight control: No effort or exercise required, just get the nutrients with the proportions that your Metabolic Type requires.

Feel better right away: Eating according to your metabolic needs will help your body be more energy-efficient and improve hormonal control (control sugar cravings).

Prevent illnesses: By getting a diet that is natural for your metabolism, the risk of developing an illness associated with improper nutrition will diminish significantly.

Enjoy your favorite foods: Your Metabolic Type Eating Plan is not calorie-restrictive, the is no need to weigh portions or deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Just balance your meals according to your Metabolic Type.

You can not lose weight effectively without knowing your Metabolic Type

Without knowing your Metabolic Type there is no way you can know in advance if you will benefit from a ketogenic diet (low-carb) or if you would do better on a low-fat diet. You will know only after you fail. By knowing your Metabolic Type not only you will know beforehand what your ideal protein-carbohydrate-fat ratio is, but also you will significantly increase the chances to succeed right on the first try because you will feel better right away. You will not be “experimenting” to see what kind of diet works best for you. The best diet for you is the one that is aligned with your metabolism, and that is exactly what Metabolic Typing is all about. Save yourself effort, money, time, and frustration. Knowing your Metabolic Type is the first and most important thing to know if you want to have weight control without effort.