Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma
Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma

Childhood PTSD: Discover and heal your childhood trauma

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We will start with a discussion where we will exchange  important insights and then answer any questions that you may have. We will then proceed to working with the specific issues, using Bioenergetic Therapy Approaches.
(Bioenergetics is a form of a holistic psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on the person's own inner resources and seeks to place control into each individual's hands, as guided by the therapist  -- as opposed to the other way around, as is customary otherwise)
I will also often share additional articles, videos, exercises, meditations and other tools and materials if the situation calls for them.



🔥This approach has been proven to be 65% more effective in life coaching and therapies as compared to transitional appointment structure.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE: After you register, you will be given a link to click - then simply follow the prompts! 

▶️No appointments to keep


No re-arranging your work schedule, sitting in traffic or waiting room... for a 15 minute dialog. Ask your questions anytime, engage when your life schedule permits, do the work when it is most comfortable for you.

▶️Full control of the process

You will be in charge of the therapy by listening to your body and making informed decisions based on the information that the coach will share with you.

The coach will help you answer all the questions that arise, and will guide you through the life/situation improvement process by inviting you to  discover and use the tools that can help you change the situation and turn the tables in your favor: learn how to get a deeper insight into the situation though understanding of what is going on and why, get in touch and work with your thoughts and feelings though taking a deeper look into what is going on inside of you, heal your past wounds and regain yourself back by using energy science methods and approaches, and so on.

You can work at a time and place which is most convenient for you - without the added stress of re-arranging your schedule or explaining to everyone around what you're doing.

▶️ Ongoing interaction with the coach /therapist

As opposed to the traditional appointment-based approach, where your interaction with the coach is limited to about an hour a week, the asynch approach allows for ongoing, immersive experience with the therapy and a steady, uninterrupted "life-line" to the coach... without putting any demands on you.


Here is what the process looks like:

🟢After a short introduction via messaging chat, we will start with a zoom session, which will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

🟢I will be giving you some homework, which we will subsequently go over during the week. Depending on the nature of your objective and questions, these may be journals, exercises, meditations, and so on

🟢We will then continue the discussion in the messaging format: ask your questions as they arise, share your progress, get clarifications as you're working on your "therapy homework"

🟢The coach(es) will also record short videos where we will answer your questions or give you further guidance

🟢The messaging app will often be programmed to send you important reminders to help you stay on track. (For example: "Are you still watching out for XYZ?" or "Don't forget to make a journal entry on ABC today", etc.) 

🟢The second zoom meeting will be scheduled mid-way through the session to help us stay on the right track and discuss live any issues that were not a good fit for the messaging chat

🟢We will also share other reading/watching materials which I feel are pertinent to your situation.



What looks like anger or impatience can often mask deeper issues.

Is your over-reactiveness masking an underlying hurt that you don't even know exists? What is the source of your rage, and why is it so powerful? Uncovering and recognizing the pain behind your anger is a journey worth taking. Join us in our upcoming workshop as we dive deeper and look into anger as a response to childhood trauma

Is it time to uncover the true causes behind your triggersr? If you want to take the first steps towards understanding and managing your feelings and responses, then the Discover the Pain Behind Your Anger workshop could be the right option for you. By looking at how anger can be caused by our childhood experiences, we can gain insight into the power anger holds over our lives.

Through exploration, learning, and growth, this workshop helps participants recognize, confront and navigate the complex feelings associated with anger. Here, we work towards creating healthy anger outlets, changing damaging thought patterns and reshaping our views about ourselves and the world.


  • Why childhood trauma is a lot more prevalent than we realize, and why it is so often overlooked
  • How to recognize childhood trauma – and overcome its effects
  • Two major misconceptions about childhood trauma that are prevalent in the mainstream – and the proof to the contrary
  • How these misconceptions keep you stuck in a vicious circle of hope—anxiety—hope—depression—hope—hopelessness
  • How trauma prevents you from reaching your goals in ways that you never would have thought to associate with it
  • How to break this vicious circle and start thriving, as opposed to struggling to keep your head above the water
  • How trauma – after it’s healed – makes you stronger and can help you unlock superpowers in your potential
  • Your specific questions and situations 

▶️Our goal in this module is to get to the bottom of what is going on in your specific situation and offer you a solution to fix what needs to be fixed.


After purchasing the module, you will be give an link to download our coaching app (Telegram) and instructions on how to connect with the coach. Simply follow the prompts!