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Knowledge is power. You need to empower yourself with the understanding of what is going on in order to be able to make informed decisions.


Once we start in the group, I am going to ask you questions related both to your questionaire AND to how you feel about the issues covered in the video, as it pertains to your situation.




The subject of relationships is very vast, complex and diverse. There are as many different scenarios as there is people on this earth. How do you even classify the type of a solution that you're seeking. With this short intro, my goal is to help you get started on the sorting-through-it process, at least by clarifying a few most general, high-level issues.


The first order of business: let’s clarify the dynamics of your relationship.

Our parents and grandparents had a lot simpler world around them, and their questions regarding relationships, for the most part, boiled down to specific, practical issues:

- How do I establish better communication in the case of our specific personalities?

- How is it best handle finances in our specific break-down of who does what in the family?

-What parenting approaches can you recommend for the specific dynamics in our family?

And so on. And of course, questions like these are still as important today – if not more. (So, if you have such questions, good – we will definitely be addressing them!)

However, our cultural changes of the last hundred years or so (the industrial revolution, the shift from a family-oriented culture to an individual-oriented culture, a radical change in values, and so on), have created a very unique and DANGEROUS dynamic that I term “Type X relationship”, or “Relationship X”. And it’s taking over the world like a pandemic! So, I always like to start by ruling out the possibly that the dynamics of your relationship fall into this category – or, establishing that they do, and then acting accordingly.

Here is a brief video that I show to my clients before they decide if they need coaching related to Relationship X dynamics or, rather, help in terms of solving general life situations in the context of their relationship. You, of course, won’t be making any choices like this, since you have already chosen this module as the first step of understanding what is going on your relationships front, but I would like you to watch it and start thinking along the lines of: what type of a relationships am I in?



So, the main criteria that I’d like you to use when evaluating your relationship first, are these:

  1. Is the level of stress in my relationship excessive – or am I simply looking to make things BETTER? (Don’t be afraid of the accusation of “fixing something that isn’t broke here – in some cased, it is warranted, and relationships often fall into that category of things)


  1. Am I at all CONFUSED at all about what is going when it comes to the dynamics of my relationship – or are my needs and questions more about “how” as opposed to to “why”?


If you find that confusion and stress are significant factors in what is going on, please watch the next 2 videos that address the diagnostics of a Relationship X situation. I will ask you what your thoughts are when we meet in the chat group.




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Second order of business: I want you to get familiar with the concept of a “normal” relationship.

I will be using this concept a lot and understanding it will play a big part in helping you understand what we are doing and achieve the results that you’re looking to receive from this module.

So, regardless of the outcome of your investigation on the Relationship X part, please watch this video, which is a class discussion on the subject of whether or not a “normal” relationship can be defined. This will also give you an idea what our virtual meetings are  going to look like (if you signed up for the PLUS version). But don’t be afraid – I NEVER publish the actual recordings of the actual meetings. Your privacy is safe: this is a simulation.


And finally, to complete this second order of business, please watch this video where we arrive to the definition of a normal relationship. Again, we will be using this definition throughout the module, it is very important that you know what it is.


Save your questions, disagreements and arguments! We are looking forward to meeting you live soon: please watch for that notification in Telegram! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️😻