Our weight is a reflection of our health and well-being. Let’s bring all 3 together!

This is section is about how to lose weight by giving up on all the attempts to do so. Respecting your body, accepting it for what it is and listening to its needs… will actually result in a perfect physical shape, as long as you do it CORRECTLY.

In fact, our weight and outward shape is a tool our body uses to get our attention. Bioenergetics recognizes a strong connection between our emotional health, physical health, AND outward appearance… 

…Who said that then this means something bad for you, if you can’t lose weight? Who is saying this? I see no connection. Do you? What this DOES MEAN is that regardless of your age, current health condition, middle age hormones, post-partum stress, busy schedule, no drive to get off the couch and exercise, nursing baby – you name it! – regardless of ANYTHING that may stand in your way, you’re entitled to a perfect body by your birth right. You just need to know how to claim it. And well, you’re at the right place!

No weight loss program is complete without recipes!

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