Use PSYCHOLOGY research
based on the truth
about the HUMAN NATURE

Depression, Stress, Anger issues, Relationships...

After I’ve discovered the missing link between the teachings of Christianity and the science of Psychology, things started happening!

The problems that routinely seemed to have no solutions
started to dissipate in favor of impressive results.

Keep reading to learn more – or scroll down to see what we are doing with this discovery and how you can benefit too!

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Historically, Psychology as a science
and Christianity were never good


  • PSYCHOLOGY: You are in control of your life
       CHRISTIANITY: God is in control of your life
  • PSYCHOLOGY: First love yourself
       CHRISTIANITY: First love your neighbor

These, of course, are very simplified examples, but I’m sure you get my drift.
And the list goes on and on.

When I first started to study psychology, it felt like I always was under pressure to compromise one way or the other: treat what the professor was saying with a grain of salt -- or to consider reasons for finding some of the concepts of the Christian thought obsolete (which I refused to do)…

So yes: that didn’t feel very good. You know that servant of two masters? This is not someone we could consider a self-fulfilled winner… You don’t really achieve your goals THAT way.

2 masters.jpeg__PID:6abe3516-cb09-452a-bd7a-3543ee00f910

And I literally felt like a servant of two masters: a hypocrite and a loser.

Plus, consider the intellectual struggle: if BOTH the science and the faith claim that it is here to reveal the TRUTH… and then they contradict… then one has to be lying, right? But which one?


And then I come to my
first Bioenergetics class,
and I see THIS CHART! 😂😂


What do you think my first reaction is?
Voodoo at its finest!
Straight out of Zen Buddhism – NOT for me!

Well, long story short I’m glad I didn’t drop THAT class

Because this is where I found the missing link
that connected the two concepts… and suddenly there was no contradiction.

The answer was simply in digging deep enough into each.

  • I have come to realize that a faithful steward of his master's goods IS IN FULL CONTROL of that estate – and he better not burry any talents in the earth….-ly noise.
     (This is how both YOU and GOD can be in full control of your life. So, make sure to learn what those talents are put them to full use - and NO EXCUSES that, well, "it's all up to God")
  • I have also come to realize that if you want to present a living sacrifice, which is choice of the flock and WITHOUT BLEMISH, you first must  value that sacrifice enough to give it all the attention to really be the best of the best.

     If you look at yourself with disgust… is THIS your carefully selected offering?

    Plus, how can you love your neighbor as yourself, if you cannot stand yourself?
    (This is how you can first love God, but also love yourself -- and then your neighbor AS yourself. Everythig else is secondary, and none of these three are exclusive to each other)
  • And I’ve learned that our energy blueprint is as much a part of creation as any other part of our body

    (Look, we’ve been measuring the currents and fluctuations of our biological energy with EKG and EEG for years now!)

    Just because Eastern religions happened to be familiar with the concept before it reached the Western hemisphere, doesn’t make it THEIRS. We can leave the over-spiritualizing of the concept to them – we won’t need it anyway.  There are now enough science-based studies to demystify the whole thing.
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  • ➡️And most importantly: this union of science and what the scriptures have been telling us for years now has brought answers to many questions that we, as a society, have been struggling with -- and which we have often been writing off as “questions that have no solution”.

    My personal list consists of the following victories:
  • Saving my marriage that everyone was advising me to leave  as hopeless and potentially destructive

       • Helping a friend to get unstuck and get out of sheer poverty (a       welfare check and no job in sight) to making a comfortable living

       • Helping my husband pull out of clinical depression (!) after this         doctor told us that he will have to stay on his medication for it for the rest of his life (he’s been off of it for the last 15 years)

    …Just to scratch the surface – the list goes on

The list includes such “smaller things” as everyday stress (or occasional anxiety attacks). not knowing how to react to the way your boss is treating you at work, wondering what to do in a morally challenging situation -- or, in hind sight, wondering if you've done the right thing or if you  should be feeling guilty...

In short, it all boils down to realizing what’s been holding you back from whatever goal you’ve been contemplating, finally connecting the dots in whatever concept you’ve been struggling with, understanding what you need to do and why what you’ve tried hasn’t worked yet…

Ok, this may be too abstract.
Here are a few more examples of the questions that bioenergetic psychology answers and resolves:

  • How do you find a balance between "turning the other cheek" and being taken advatage of as a push over?
  • Struggles like this: "I think I am a decent person. Why do I feel like nobody likes me?"
  • Or like this: Why does it seem that people with less skill, less abilities and worse character get promoted and get ahead, and I always seem to get left behind, despite my best effort? ...And am I selfshish for asking this question?
  • And, continuing the above discussion: How DO you love your neighbor when he deliberately does everything he can to step on your toes?

    AND SO ON...

In short, Bioenergetic psychology has been getting unbelievable results.

After I incorporated it's principles into the holistic approach to health that I was already practicing at that point, things started happening. It’s an amazing feeling when you can be a successful therapist AND stay true to your personal values and beliefs.

I can go on and on with this, but I’m afraid I’m only going to make you skeptical if I continue talking in generalities. This is one of those things where “you just gotta see it” for everything to make sense… or, better yet, TRY IT

Needless to say, I’m on a mission to share what I have discovered when I say “I feel the world needs to know this”, this is not a figure of speech to me, it’s honest from the heart truth.

So, here are some options to try these methods out in practice: either free, or greatly discounted.


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Oh, and yes – and it’s Quora.
So feel free to ask your questions – we promise to answer! 

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(Note: this book does NOT address any Christian values directly. and is centered strictly around the matters of psychology. We are trying to keep it all inclusive... although our faith and values may still come through)

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