Next Monday (whatever it may be from the time that you complete your intake questionnaire) you will receive an invite to your MeWe group. Follow the prompts in the link to enter, and please feel free to introduce yourself. The rest of the instructions will come in that app. In the meantime, download MeWe from the Playstore and get familiar with how it works:

Here is what MeWe looks like. Let’s take a look at the buttons at the bottom (this is from a mobile app – you can also access MeWe on desktop, the setup will be very similar.

Home. Same as Facebook timeline – but only for the groups you subscribe to. All you will see in your timeline at first, will be our posts. If you join any other group (more on this in a moment), ALL the posts from the groups that you follow will appear here.

The Community button will take you to OTHER groups on MeWe, most likely unrelated to us. Feel free to join them (I believe is objectiveness of the subject, and in fact would want to encourage you to do so), but be aware that their posts will show in the same timeline as ours in your home feed. If you are not familiar with MeWe, my advice is to give yourself some time to get comfortable with what is where in the app, and how it works, or you may get VERY confused, and mistakenly attribute to us the posts that were made in other groups – and of course we cannot answer for their content.

Your chats for all the groups. It will look like your email or Messenger app. Again, if you do not join any other groups, we will be the only line in there.

Notifications and profile: self-explanatory. This is the same as everywhere else and so: when you receive your invite and click the link, you will be taken to your custom private group on MeWe.

Here is the screenshot:

This is where new posts will appear to guide you through the process.
You can comment () on each of the posts (the same way it is done on Facebook). You are also welcome to make your own posts()
The group navigation (everything you need) is in the top right corner:

If you have problems downloading or opening MeWe, please let me know, and someone will get in touch with you and walk you through the steps. You can also use this form for any other technical problem, or to cancel your membership.