A Holistic Life Coaching program (Analytical Psychology)

Until now, there was only one option when it came to life’s problems: wait until they get bad enough (to “qualify” as problems for mainstream), then get  counseling that works for the statistical majority, but may not work for you.

▶But what if you're simply wondering how to manage your time better -- while you're still remaining a productive, reliable worker?

▶What if you're managing your anger just fine: no physical fights, no unsightly outbursts... it's all inside... festering... causing you to be unhappy with yourself, making you feel like you're falling short of your own expectations. Causing your blood pressure to go up, and your anxiety levels to soar?

▶What if your anxiety level is not bad enough to "deserve" medication... but it still ruins your day on a regular basis? What if you're not, technically, depressed -- just unsatisfied with how things are going in your life?

▶What if you are in a relationship that no one would consider abusive -- and yet you so often feel dismissed, not heard... stressed and confused... feel like something is wrong, but you're not able to even as much as put into words what it may be?

▶What if you know and feel that there are parts of your life that can -- and should be better,.. but everyone is telling you to chill, and that you've got a pretty good life, compared.

And besides -- who is that who proposes to know how bad is bad enough? A small incident at your child's school can ruin your day as much as a major fight at work.

I am a Holistic Life Coach, specializing in helping women meet today's challenges of mixing work with being a mom, developing productive habits answering difficult questions when it comes to leadership.


Having "been there" myself -- and also from working with my clients -- I know how it goes, though: when there are burning questions that need to be answered, and difficulties that need to be resolved, it's really not the time to play trial and error by investing your money into the advice that may or may not work. (And, having been myself in a position of being the mom, the only provider for the family and in a difficult emotional situation myself once before, now I am on a mission: I want to help as many women to pull themselves together as possible.)


So, I created this program where I help women "get to the bottom of it", and get their questions answered through direct zoom conferences

This is the dilemma: many of us feel like they can use some help -- just a little shot in the arm sometimes -- but are often held back because their problems are "not bad enough". Or simply because mainstream counseling sounds like a bad label -- not to mention that inward hunch that it may not work anyway.

Consider this: until very recently, there was only one type of doctors, what we call, mainstream. But in the recent years, the idea of that Holistic approaches may offer better answers in many areas of health is getting more and more accepted and understood.




Now – FINALLY – I am able to invite you to a Holistic Analytical Psychology program.🔥





  • Now you are going to be able to address what bothers you BEFORE it gets bad enough to become a problem that is potentially beyond repair
  • Now, you are going to be able to resolve challenging issues of stress, mind fog and lack of productivity without labeling yourself as a misfit
  • Now, you are going to be able to apply a SYSTEMATIC approach to YOUR specific situation: not a fruit salad of tips and tricks that have worked for someone else at some point of their life.
  • Now, you are going to be able to address YOUR specific questions in the context of YOUR specific situation



IF MAINSTREAM SOLUTIONS DID NOT WORK FOR YOU BEFORE, here is a radically different approach.

And, parenthetically, if you were skeptical about trying Life Coaching before because you had an inward hunch that it was not going to work for you… well, you may have been on to something. Just like in matters of physical health, there are areas where mainstream medicine does not provide the needed results (as well as the areas where it does, of course).

The main differences between Holistic approach and Mainstream approach, in Life Coaching are the same as between holistic approaches to health and mainstream approaches to health in general:


  • Mainstream tends to focus on studies that show what has worked for most people. Holistic looks at every individual situation and considers its uniqueness. Just because something has worked for "most people" does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. Nevertheless, such instances remain un-addressed in the mainstream, and simply -- as the saying goes -- fall through the cracks. In other words, Mainstream treats the problem -- statistically defined, and with processes developed for how to address it. Holistic treats the person: what kind of picture do the experiences of this person paint, and what can this person do to address this situation.


  • Mainstream treats the symptoms -- Holistic treats the cause. (For example, in the area of genera health, if you approach a Mainstream doctor with a headache problem, they are likely to prescribe you medication to alleviate the headache. If you approach a Holistic practitioner with the same question, they are likely to want to understand WHY you have the headache and what causes it. In the same manner, the issue of anger or anxiety would be approached in mainstream psychology with methods to try and stop--or at least diminish--these symptoms. Holistic psychology, on the other hand, would look at WHY you're experiencing anger or anxiety, and often find past trauma, suppressed emotions or mental blocks


  • Mainstream puts the blame on the victim. Holistic considers the circumstances. For example, you tend to struggle with mind fog or poor time management. Mainstream effort will be aimed at coaching and teaching YOU, on what YOU need to do in order to resolve these issues -- thus insinuating that YOU are the root of the problem. Holistic, in this case, would consider the surrounding "whole picture" that may be contributing to why this is happening: how is your relationships stress level? Is there a health condition -- as simple as your diet, or possibly poor digestion, or even higher that normal blood pressure -- that may be causing this mind fog? Are you in the early stages of chronic fatigue, and this is why your productivity suffers? Can this fatigue be addressed through nutritional and other environmental changes?


Here, we will get to the bottom of the issue, and will not consider it resolved until it actually is – for YOU. Analytical psychology does not judge, blame the recipient, or seek out flaws in you or your behavior. It looks at the whole picture, at what you may be up against, and helps you discover the real you –and uncover your true potential.

😍😍THIS TIME, it is going to work!😍😍


When a flower does not bloom, you do not blame the flower. You move it to better light, give it some water and some plant food, kill the bugs that have been sucking its strength, and let in some fresh air. You NURTURE it. This is the EXACT SAME APPROACH that Holistic Psychology takes when it comes to a human trying to thrive. Or even survive – whatever your situation may be. The goal is to BLOOM: regardless of where you are starting from, almost completely withered or just drooping a little.






This program includes:

(Psychological tests to determine the root of the issues: from serious (such as depression) to seemingly trivial (for example, being always late) -- and everything in between

- Action items: the tools to help you overcome the current issues and achieve success:

  • - Guided discussion of the issues to help you determine the problem and talk it out
  • - Mind worksheets: a tool that you will use to work through the existing problems and get to their root
  • - Self-talk guides: "honest conversations with your subconscious mind" to talk it through towards a functional solution
  • - Psychological tests to determine the "why's" in what's happening with you and your environment
  • - Mind exercises to work through the issues and resolve them
  • - Other tools to help put and keep your mind and body in balance (health in general)
  • Herbal supplements, if needed (recommended separately)



🔥🔥Weekly live Zoom meetings with the coach🔥🔥

So yes -- this is live, personalized Life Coaching


General life fitness:

  • Building confidence, self-esteem and resilience when confronted with challenging issues

  • Understanding why things happen and how to prevent negative events and "summon" the positive ones

  • De-mystifying bad luck

  • Overcoming confusion, solving difficult questions and getting what you want to happen

Self- organization:

  • Defining your goals, finding the right calling, becoming more productive, managing time to accomplish a lot more, etc.

  • Time management and productivity

  • Figuring out your life's direction and making sense out of it

  • Defining your true calling

Emotional healing:

  • Dealing with stress

  • Dealing with emotional trauma (both recent and childhood, both minor and major, both known and overlooked)

  • Solving problems stemming from bad relationships or difficult parents

  • Overcoming anxiety, depression and frustration with life


  • Solving problems in relationships

  • Building favorable relationships and attracting the right people into your life

  • Overcoming abuse without breaking the relationship (if this is what you want to do)

  • Saving your marriage or relationship

  • Preventing verbal abuse in any relationship

  • Dealing with infidelity and affair -- stopping it and keeping the partner all to yourself (if this is your choice)

  • Becoming a person "the best of them" are attracted to

  • Making sense out of your relationship (is it normal) and fixing relationship issues


❤This is the only program on the market (to my knowledge) that guarantees results:❤

If at the end of the first month you do not feel that participating in it has added value to your life and has helped you in resolving some of the issues that you have been struggling with you will receive a full refund.

❤❤ BEST PART ❤❤:  I have added a trial period so that you can test-drive it for a symbolic fee of $1 to make sure that this program is right for you -- and a discounted rate, specifically for this promotion.

Now, you can start the program for $1 for the first month, and continue for $39.99 -- as opposed to the regular monthly fee of $125. Cancel with one click at any time. (If you can't figure out how to cancel - just ask: it's a live program, we have an open zoom every week)