Strategy Sessions (Video and Chat)

Sometimes you just don't want to make a comittment. And guess what? That's OK. Give yourself permission to not it, at this time.

But if you have interest -- or even a vital question -- in any of the areas below, join us for a one-time LIVE strategy session

VIDEO Dialogs are one hour virtual conferences: no one is ever muted, and the recording will be available even if you don't make at the set time. The group setting means I may add more than one person to the conference -- but I keep the groups small, and sometimes these even end up being a one person show.

CHATS are asynchronous discussions with a live therapist (myself and my assistant) , 5 days in duration. Think of them as an active Facebook group, with active input from the coach.

The goal of these is to share information on the subject that will be valuable to your situation, answer your questions, and give you a step-by-step raodmap to achieving results of overcoming problems in that particular area,