Beauty Coaching and Natural Anti- Aging

Interesting fact: the Bible relates of an incident when Abraham (the patriarch) and his wife Sarah moved to Egypt, and the local ruler got his eyes on her. For fear of nasty “politics” developing over this, Abraham said that Sarah was his sister, stating “she was such a beautiful woman” that he feared to be killed over her. What few people know, is that Sarah was 65 at that point (the ages and chronology are given in the same biblical account and can be added up). And no, this was not a million years ago, in some pre-historic times. Sarah was born in 1803 BC (which makes it about 4000 years ago – too short of a time for significant “evolution” to occur).

Case in point: anti aging, when done right is indeed possible. And, in fact, natural, accounted for, and provisioned for us.