Your Blind Spot

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Is narcissism you or your partner’s blind spot and you find it hard to tackle? Many partners do not realize that narcissism is at the core of their ongoing fights, resentment, blame-games and guilt trips.

When it comes to curing or coping with NPD, many people find it a hard challenge to overcome. In Your Blind Spot, Kim Cooper and her husband Steve Cooper assist you in identifying narcissism in you or your partner. With a self-soothing audio tutorial that uses therapeutic language, the reader can let go of negativity and toxic thoughts and emotions and overcome their challenges like a warrior by following the steps shared by the authors.

 This magazine-style book comes in handy for easy reading and is a must-have in order to: 

  • Have a quick, precise, yet insightful understanding of narcissism
  • Identify and heal NPD like a professional
  • Replace disrespect and resentment with respect and love
  • Get acquainted with the steps to ensure victory over NPD while sustaining the marriage

Explore your blind spots today to fix the issues at the core of your relationship and enjoy a meaningful life with your partner.