Workout: 33 Best Science-Based Workout Hacks: Simple Tricks To Gaining More Muscle By Training & Dieting More Efficiently

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This book shows how much more efficient and less time consuming your workout and dieting routine can be if you simply follow these workout hacks and diet strategies. You will be taking advantage of bodybuilding concepts, that will get you better results and save precious time. Some of these strategies have performed by bodybuilders for decades and are scientifically proven to work.

This book teaches you how to:

  • Use Progressive Overload To Your Advantage
  • Properly Go To Muscle Failure
  • Breathe Correctly For More Strength
  • Train Your Arms In Less Than 10 Minutes
  • Trigger More Muscle Growth With One Simple Trick
  • How To Make Fat Your Friend
  • Stock Up On Healthy Snacks
  • Find The Perfect Time Of The Day To Workout
  • Find The Right Workout Partner
  • Set Goals That Will Motivate You
  • Make Your Own Fat Grips
  • And much more!

Avoid simply copying friends at the gym! This usually leads to injuries and long-term joint problems. To spare yourself such issues, you need to educate yourself on how to train correctly.

If you follow these proven workout strategies, you will build more muscle and lose fat more efficiently and with less effort.