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Very Powerful SALT LAMP and DIFFUSER in One: The Latest in Aromatherapy

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This Salt Lamp Diffuser is the newest in aromatherapy. It provides the strongest healing effect and uses the least amount of essential oil to achieve the desired outcome. It also incorporates aromatherapy and salt cave therapy. No other diffuser does that!

Let's cut to the chase:

😋  We all know about the healing effects of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, right? Well: this little thing produces as many ions as an LED Salt Lamp 10 feet tall! (I'll explain this in just a minute)

😋 Now, you can add the benefits of essential oils on top of the ionization: literally. Just sprinkle your favorite aromatherapy blend right on top of the salt: just a few drops will immediately fill the room with the aroma. 

😋 Another great thing about the salt is that you can give it a couple squirts of your favorite perfume -- it carries really well, and will make your home smell totally like YOU.

😋  3x and immediately is not enough for some of us (myself including). I want my aroma cover some distance, and I want it to last. Remember potpourri burners? They worked really well, even with those dried out leaves that did not have a lot of smell. Here is why: WATER evaporation provides a great medium for distributing smells. If it worked wonders with dried out leaves - try it now with essential oils! Simply replace the salt bowl with a bowl filled 3/4 full of water and add the oil blend. You can also add fresh or dried herbs or potpourri as well. Or, you can spray perfume on top of the water as well. (TIP: I like to add a few crushed coffee beans and a few drops of vanilla extract for an awesome Cappuccino Scent!)

😋 Do not want to lose the salt to the benefits of smells in water? Use the additional cup to combine all of the above together!


- Put the Slat Bowl on top and light the candle.
- Sprinkle Essential Oils OR spay your favorite perfume on top of the salt

- Put the other bowl on top, fill with water
- Add potpourri, Essential Oils, herbs, perfume or all of the above on top

- Put the salt into the magic Glass and combine both effects


AND SO: It combines the therapeutic properties of a Salt Lamp with aromatherapy. Plus, both of these qualities have been amplified as compared to their traditional variants. You can use it as a regular diffuser for aromatherapy purposes -- use your favorite essential oils or fragrance. Or, you can use it for the benefits of a salt lamp: air purification and negative ion mood therapy. 

i will explain the details of how this device works in a just a minute.


 But first, here is the story:

I discovered the 500-year-old “technology” behind this diffuser when trying to make the best smelling, most long-lasting candle.

We all love the idea of homemade candles, right? That pleasant aroma.  Yumm. It, like, makes a personal statement, doesn’t it? And the idea of adding in essential oils, with all their known benefits and making that candle therapeutic on top of it – ahh. After reading a few (quite a few) Pinterest posts, I was out to make the best one of those yet… But then I discovered a huge problem that those affiliates(who are looking to sell you candles and supplies) do NOT talk about:

If you use synthetic or paraffin wax and chemical fragrances, you can achieve a long-lasting smell. But Essential Oils just do not last. But even with the synthetic smells, a point of "too much chemicals" comes quickly, and a pleasant smell turns into a headache. You just cannot add enough without this happening. This is why Yankee candle is about tops for the strength of smell: making a candle with a more potent aroma is just not technically possible because of these side-effects.

Now, if you use beeswax insteaparaffinrafin on top of that...  Beeswax is a natural air purifier and DEODORIZER– and it doesn’t differentiate which smells to kill. So, it effectively eliminates some of the scents. Plus, essential oils rise to the top: so the candle may smell AMAZING in the jar but the scent disappears after about 10 minutes.

As I was trying to resolve this issue, I can across an old method which uses salt as a therapeutic approach: it originated as salt cave therapy, and then was refined to include water evaporation to transmit sent– and I resurrected it in this wonderful device. When you add essential oils to water, a couple drops go a long way. This is THE MOST ECONOMICAL way of creating the right smell, ordesiredisred therapeutic effect.


SO: this is the best Aroma lamp you can find.  Here is why:

It smells amazing – better and stronger than candles and most other diffusers, and it is a lot healthier and carries more health benefits than its regular counterpart.

It kills odors, serves as an air freshener with a fragrance of your choice, and disperses negative ions to purify the energy field of your home…

You can use it as a diffuser: again, simply add some water and drop in one of the following:
- A couple drops of your favorite essential oil (you will be AMAZED how far these 2-3 drops will go)
- 3-4 squirts of your favorite perfume (right over water) Make your home smell like YOU.
- Potpourri or herbs
- All of the above
- Any combination of the above


Why do I feel it is better than a regular diffuser?

1) Well, first of all, if you run it with water, you need a lot less oil -- and thus it is cheaper. You can also create scents other diffuses can't: use  your perfume, your grapotpourriotpouri, any dried or fresh herbs. Flowers, after they die, can also find a second life in it and continue giving out fragrance for another couple of days

2) Method of operation. I’m sure you’ve heard how e-cigarettes are caught up in a controversy of being responsible for popcorn lung and other diseases that even regular cigarettes do not cause? This is because they nebulize their flavors into such minute particles that do not exist in nature, and our body does not know how to deal with them. Many regular diffusers use the same method! And although nebulized water particles will not cause popcorn lung, as opposed to nicotine particles, I still feel that nebulizing essential oils may reduce or compromise their therapeutic effect.  While “cold smoke” rising from a diffuser is great for visual effects, this is where I prefer to use it for – not for any therapeutic purposes.

For therapeutic purposes, this diffuser that uses the ancient evaporation techniques is definitely my tool of choice.

And the smell… Oh, my! 

Or, you can use it the most powerful Salt Lamp. And it will beat ANY salt lamp. Here is why.

We all know that the Himalayan salt crystals on top release the negative ions that act as air purifiers and are also cleanse the overall energy field. But – and this is my pet peeve here: “heated” is the keyword. If your Himalayan salt lamp is LED light powered (which, as the safety rules brag, releases no heat), how will your salt reach the point of releasing its ions effectively?

Also, when the salt is heated, the ions are released from the SURFACE of the crystal. Now, thousands of small crystals have a lot (A LOT!) more surface than one large crystal. (You know the analogy of Norwegian Fjords – the jagged coastline of Norway is longer than the equator, because of all the turns, loops, and ins-and-outs. Same principle here), To produce the same emission of ions, your single rock salt lamp would have to be 3 stories tall!
To get this effect, simply pour the salt package into the glass bowl (no water). The height is adjusted to perfection to not “fry” the salt, but still, give you the maximum ion release effect.

Or – and this is my favorite part:
You can combine BOTH effects by adding this little insert (plop it into the middle, then add water):



Now, it’s time to recap all the benefits that you can achieve with the Salt Candle Diffuser:

😋 It can’t be beat when it comes to home fragrance: it produces the STRONGEST aromatic effect when compared to candles or any other type of diffuser (more on this below)

😋 It sends out up to 7x stronger scent than most candles also purifies the air. Disperses therapeutic aromatherapy blends designed to kill viruses and bacterial, help with better sleep, help you relax, etc. (Your choice – see below)

😋 You can control the potency of the scent (add as much or as little)

😋 It acts both as an essential oil diffuser and a Himalayan salt lamp – but exceeds both in the therapeutic effect 

😋 Salt crystals release negative ions that serve as air purifiers and are believed to cleanse the overall energy field of the home – which helps to relieve or prevent depression and anxiety—or simply relax after a long day in an atmosphere of peace.

😋 This type of diffuser is the best for getting the most efficiency from the therapeutic effects of essential oils

😋 Designed at a perfect height to warm up the salt enough for releasing its energy and the scents put on it, but not too much to fry it to crisp. 

The Kit Includes:

- Ceramic Candle diffuser
- Salt Bowl
- An extra bowl for water
- The extra cup for salt
- A beeswax tealight candle


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I love the idea of natural fire.  One small beeswax candle lasts 4-5 hours, and only take a split second to light. But if you prefer a plug-in diffuser, you can purchase any of these electric diffusers and use the same Salt and Glass bowls with them interchangeably,

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