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UnFUG Your Weight Loss : System Minus 45 Natural Weight Loss Program

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45 lb. in 45 weeks:
this means, if you weigh 200 lb. now, before next summer you will be weighing 155 lb and fitting into your bikini's. 
(There are AVERAGED results: meaning people with underlying health problems (thyroid disorders, diabetes, extremely over-weight may move through the program slower, while others may achieve their results a lot faster)
... and do so without deprivation, cravings, gym membership, hunger and having to give up your favorite foods.
This program is based on metabolic studies and NOT on calorie counting. This means that instead of forcing your body (and mind!) into a routine which (thus by default) will require willpower, restrictions and other major changes, I will guide you to understand your body and the processes that take place: some of these processes (like, for example a hormonal imbalance) will cause you to gain weight or prevent you from losing it no matter what you do, and some (as, for example, increasing the rate of the metabolic processes that burn fat for energy and decreasing the rates responsible for fat storage) will produce weight loss.


  • Personal assessment of your current situation and evaluation of the factors that are preventing your weight loss or casing weight gain (including nutritional, health-related, psychological and life situation factors)


  • Holistic and Integrative medicine research/information shared daily: how our bodies work, how to fine-tune your metabolism and set it into the healthy mode of burning fat instead of storing it (which is different in each individual case, by the way), what part your hormones and other health conditions play, etc.


  • Weekly LIVE sessions with the coach. (Ever wished you could ask all those gurus your direct questions? You've got it here)


  • Access to diagnostic and assessment tests (Metabolic rate, Metabolism type, Underlying Health issues, Nutrients Lacking in your Diet, Toxicity, etc.)

 A unique part of this program--and its main "side effect" is... vibrant health.  The way we look is directly connected to how we feel (in case you haven't noticed) -- and this connection goes a lot deeper than most most people realize. By trying to improve the way you look, you will be fixing a lot of underlying health, emotional and situational problems -- so this method is indeed holistic and natural.   

And another unique part:  instead of battling yourself (trying to deny yourself the foods that you've enjoyed all your life or killing your muscles at the gym, you will be battling the hostile elements that stand in your way of being the beautiful, healthy unique human being that God and Nature want us ALL to be.

What are those hostile elements? - you may ask.



FUG is a toxic FOG that has been slowly trying to take over our lives. It's time to fight back!

In just a few months, you will emerge armed and fit to take it on!

You will learn:

  • How our metabolism works and how to harness these processes to your benefit
  • How to listen to your body and work with it, not against it
  • How to evaluate ANY diet and know if it will work for you or not, before you invest your time, money and commitment. You will also be able to make a pretty certain call on what is likely just a new fad and a gimmick and what actually may make sense (Not that you'll need any other diet after this one -- but its good to have this advantage)

You will be able to:

  • Dial in the metabolic processes that will keep you both slim and healthy -- and then just let them work on auto-pilot, as you get on with your life
  • Lose weight ("finally", for many!) without using your willpower
  • Be done (for good) with cravings, bloating, and brain fog
  • Feel better and look younger (not just thinner)
  • Know with certainty what to do in order to lose weight (no "results may vary" here) 

You will:

  • Eliminate frustration from your weigh loss process and actually enjoy your life instead of hate it, before you even reach your goals
  • Have more energy and clearer  focus
  • Accomplish more in your life (due to the above)
  • Likely overcome some health issues that you're currently struggling with: sore joints, bad back, blood sugar issues, etc.
  • Heck - lose weight, for crying out loud. And keep it off.






After you join, you will be placed into a small support group, where everyone can help each other by offering mutual support and sharing their experiences -- and where I will be sharing the important information regarding how your metabolism and your body works.



  • Information to help you understand yourself (and what is going on in your body) better: why you may not have been able to lose weight, what is causing you to have low energy, what is causing your cravings and what to do about it, and so on.
  • Weekly live meetings for you to ask questions and have a discussion with the coach
  • Metabolic tests to help you understand your body and dial in possible issues. (These are offered at an extra charge, since everyone is going to need different tests, and a different number of them)
  • Videos explaining little known issues that are either success busters or useful shortcuts to your weight loss goals
  • Little knows tools that will help you reach your goals faster and without "pain and suffering".
  • A personalized approach, that will take YOUR situation into consideration: I will help you build your own, step-by-step action plan toward the goals that you define (and help you define them as well, if need be) -- AND bust through the obstacles on the way.

I am a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and a Holistic Practitioner, and I created this program to help people that I work with double or triple their results. I am a very practical person -- it's not about the process for me, it's about getting the result that you want. 

We shall be victorious!



  • After you sign up for this program, you will be taken to the member page -- PLEASE CLICK THE LINK AND TAKE THE INITIAL ASSESSMENT.  Everything will be on hold until you do.

    After you take the assessment,, you will be invited to a social group that best suits your needs.


  • Groups launch every Monday - the Monday following the week when you sign up. 
  • Groups are kept small, so that everyone's needs and questions can be addressed.

  Please also read the related Terms and Conditions

Your first month is $5 ONLY.
$49.00/mo. thereafter
Cancel any time